Intergalactic portals?

Editing my chapter about aliens in my new book, I realized that I had not said anything about intergalactic portals. Could there actually be portals between the worlds or dimensions? This is a fascinating, but mind blowing, concept, but is it fact or fiction? My chapter on Universal and Earth energies, after all, hinted at portal points at certain points on the surface of the Earth. These are either built into the structure of the Earth deliberately when it was formed, or are a result of diamagnetism, the interaction between gravity and the natural electromagnetic forces at certain points.

Finding out what is really going on is impossible. Rumour has it that NASA and other government agencies are researching, and even using portal points to teleport over the Earth, but also to link into intergalactic highways. They are said to be used by alien beings to visit Earth and vice versa. There is no proof that this is actually happening, but it is an intriguing concept. There are also hints of inter-dimensional portals.

I did know someone who used to claim to see beings going in and out of such portals, I would love to know of anyone else’s personal experiences of these.


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