Introduction to prediction

What does the future hold? Can we know? Should we know? Is it actually possible to know?


For  thousands of years man has  attempted to predict the future. Runes, interpretation of dreams, tarot, I ching, numerology, palmistry are just some of the disciplines used. There is a long list of such arts and skills that have been practiced over the ages and still have a following today.

The question has to be asked, why do some of these skills seem to be so perceptive and accurate (in the right hands)? What could be going on in the universe that would allow this to be so? Why are we seemingly receiving help?

There are several suggestions as to what could be going on;

  • It is all total nonsense or superstition, people believe what they want to believe. Believing in a thing means it will be more likely to  happen, thus making it a self fulfilling prophecy. (see post, the reality on endarkenment)
  • There is a patten to these things which can be detected by those clever enough, but it is only that generated by the natural structure and physics of the universe.
  • Those using predictive skills are actually ” reading” the character, emotions and life events from the client. They are not using an outside agency at all.
  • Life is actually all pre planned and the predictors are just somehow  reading the blue print.
  • There is an outside force allowing us to use these skills to help us navigate though life effectively.
  • The very existence of these skills indicates a wonderful big picture of the universe. It idicates a benign creator or intelligent  designer of some sort.

Which of these is true?

What do you think?


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