Super Clues to Reality

Do you ever wonder what the truth is about our reality? Who really are we, who made us and what are we doing here? Who else is in our reality with us? what actually is the big picture of our existence?
My new book Super Clues to Reality looks to answer these questions and to share tantalizing clues to the even bigger picture of our reality. It is now available from Amazon  cannot be missed! Link below.


A signed copy can be obtained for the same price from me


“This book gives insights into worlds beyond our usual understanding. each chapter makes totally absorbing and fascinating reading.”

Richard Raymond, writer, healer councillor.


“An expert explorer and sharer of insights”

Elaine Harrison. author coach and PR


“From aliens to Earth energies, nature spirits to the human energy field, this is a very useful overview of our place amidst the many dimensions of a conscious universe.”

Peter Knight stone seeker tours and author.


“Great to find such diversity and interesting content in one well written book”

Josephine Sellers Author and Transpersonal councillor



My original book Aspects of Reality – a user’s guide to the universe also available from Amazon at £12.50 or direct from me at a bargain price of £8.50. It is also available in electronic form from Kindle store at £2.50

Aspects of reality a user’s guide to the universe

Or special offer..both for £15.00



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