Life in the world unseen

red-question-markOne of the topics to be covered in my next book is the fascinating topic of what really happens when we die. What happens to us as individual souls? What actually exists up there in the unseen dimensions beyond? What does what is there, give us in the way of super clues into the true big picture of creation and the real reason for our existence and life on Earth? It is mind boggling just to think of the questions- let alone to know where to get the answers from.

Life in the world unseen

As I began my research, someone passed on to me the wonderful book, Life in the world unseen (thanks Patricia Vitins). It is a detailed description of the afterlife, as given to a medium, Anthony Borgia, by a long dead Catholic priest Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson. I have yet to read the body of it, or compare it with more modern accounts, but there were sentiments expressed in one of the opening chapters that I thought encapsulated perfectly the problems with most organized religion, and were food for thought, today.

Universal truths

Although holding to, and teaching, the Catholic doctrines Msnr Benson did have visitations from spirit. He found this physic facility difficult and disturbing as the teachings of the Church were that these experiences were the work of the Devil. He knew this to be wrong, but to admit to it would entail a severe upheaval in his comfortable life and a ruination of his writing career and reputation. After death he then saw this as a great wasted opportunity. “The truth was within my grasp and I let it fall”. How often do we see or understand things which do not conform to our religion or world view yet say nothing for the same reasons? Always staying within our comfort zone may turn out to be the greatest and most regrettable mistake we could make.

He understood after death that the creeds and doctrines that he had upheld and taught were irrelevant, or even wrong, because they have no applications to the great world of spirit and to the Creator and Upholder of it all. “ Orthodoxy (religious mainstream beliefs) is man made, but the universe is God given”.

Different religious creeds have always fought or vilified each other over what will turn out to be irrelevant differences. Too much time is spent arguing about doctrinal differences which could be spent in making our world a better place.There are many ways to God or to spirit. Also, often man made cultural overlays will distort the original message. How true this is today.

Wonderful universal truths, and a great start to my research…what do you think?


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