Reality-living in the energy matrix

When we look at the truth of reality, we have to start by looking at ourselves. What is our reality? We are beings made of nothing more than energy. Our bodies themselves are constructed from the atoms that combine together to make the matter from which we are made. The particles that make up the atoms, quarks etc, are themselves just vibrating energy in different combinations. Our apparent solidity is an illusion, a function only of the relative densities and electrical charges of matter. Each of us can be seen as an integrated energy field, living in a greater energy field that is the universe.

Even our thoughts and feeling are part of this matrix. They are nothing more than biochemical or electrical energy generated and interpreted in our brain. Speech is just thoughts converted into vibrations which are then interpreted back into speech by the brain of the listener.

Zero point field

What helps to power our field? Why don’t the electrons that circle our atoms loose energy and decay into the nucleus, thus snuffing us out of existence? This may be due to Zero point field. According to quantum mechanics, the vacuum between matter is not truly empty, but instead contains fleeting electromagnetic waves and particles that pop into and out of existence. The measurable energy is called Zero point field. We are living in a sea of particles. A quantum web.

The human form

Our bodies also may not be as fixed as we think they are. For instance, experiments have shown that supercooled liquid gasses, leak out of sealed containers as they approach absolute Zero. Absolute zero is the temperature that matter loses most of its movement. It is considered to be -273.15 Centigrade. At that temperature, when most of the electrical charge of the electrons etc has stilled. Liquid gasses are shown to leak out of solid containers as the bonds are broken. Would we lose our chemical bonds and pass though other matter at Absolute zero?

Earth Energies

The universe also abounds with measurable energy fields. Gravity holds us in position on the earth as it is rushing though space. Electromagnetism is vital to our bodies’ well being. Astronauts leaving the earth’s gravitational pull have to have magnets in their spacesuits to maintain healthy bodies and bone and muscle density.

As David Furlong explains in his book “Earth Energies”

“Electromagnetic fields weave through the physical world in a seamless web connecting particle to particle. These energy fields surround all living things, creating slightly different matrices of energy depending on the organism in question”

This is of course true of all non living things as well, and of course the earth itself.

Aspects of reality

We are beings made of energy, living in a universal energy matrix. Even our thoughts are biochemical energy. It is one of the fundamental realities which underpin our existence


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