Manifesting using prayer

prayer2 How can we change what seems to be our reality? How can we ask for and get what we want? Well there seems to be several methods, some of which  I have looked at at over the last few posts. These range from simple intent to high physics. Today I am looking at one of the old tried and tested methods. That is the use of prayer.

Praying is using your own words, or set patterns of words, to invoke or connect with your God.  If you believe that we were created by Gods or intelligent designers of some sort, it is logical to believe that these deities may intervene on your behalf if you ask them to. This is achieved by the prayer and, of course, the ritual inherent in religious services, which focus and concentrate the mind.  This is not to say that the physics discussed does not apply as the actual mechanism used by the deities. Although a supreme God could change what he likes without it!

There is much anecdotal and written evidence of the power and effectiveness of prayer.  Praying can be seen also as manifesting by the power of thought, whether or not God exists.  A whole congregation praying would be a very powerful tool.

Aspects of reality

1-Praying can be seen as another form of manifestation, using thought.

2-Praying may be away of connecting with a creator God or designer. If this is so then our reality has been created by this designer.



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