Manifesting within the field of possibilities

consciousnessAs ever, I am humbled by the intelligence of some of my readers and their comments. David Russell has put into words the next logical step from my last post (The science of changing your reality). I am reproducing it, in his own words and with his permission. Further pieces of the jigsaw are being put into place!

“Reality emerges as a somewhat random series of impulses from a field that consists of nothing but possibilities. This field of pure, unadulterated and unmanifest consciousness is actually the Unified Field of quantum physics. It is a field that exists in all things but it is liveliest in human beings and animals. It is the shared experience of this field that creates and shapes reality. We all contribute to shaping reality. However, the reality we create takes two forms. Whilst we create a reality that can be shared and is common to all we also shape a reality that is unique to each of us as individuals. The world as we know it is a tapestry woven from the threads of a reality we all know held together with an endless number of individual realities.”

I had long ago, in my book, ASPECTS OF REALITY- A USER’S GUIDE TO THE UNIVERSE, reached the conclusion that personal reality is more individual than we realize. I was puzzling though over the fact that we all seem to think that we are living in the same reality. Davids words actually explain this.

We can then manifest what we want as part of the tapestry of life.

Aspects of reality

It is possible that we create our own reality, both communally and individually using the unified field of quantum mechanics.



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