The reality of us- mind and body conundrum part 2

To recap; the reality of the  complex, conscious  human mind, is that it is theoretically  generated only from the actual gray cells in our physical brains. Some people think it is just a result of the evolutionary process which made us the higher animals we are. Other people think differently. They feel that the part of our mind, above and beyond that which just manages our physical body, is too complex to have occurred naturally. They believe that the part of our mind that enables us to be conscious self aware and think abstract thoughts, is a separate system. It comes into the body at birth or soon after and leaves the physical body after death. The fundamental question is then; Is it one system or two? Mind and brain, or mind/brain? There are compelling arguments on both sides.

Arguments for one  system

*There is no proof that we are anything but evolutionary accidents. From primitive life forms we evolved, over millions of years, to the complex animals we are today. The advanced, conscious, part of our brain is just a natural result of this evolution.
*Our consciousness is integral to the other, computer like, body management systems and cannot be separated from them.
*People that feel they have left their body in near death experiences are hallucinating due to the stressful situation the body is in.

Arguments for two systems.

*The level of consciousness we have is way above that required for survival and evolutionary advantage. It could not have occurred wholly naturally.
*There is a known medical syndrome called Multiple Personality Disorder.
This is when there seems to be more than one distinct personality inhabiting one body. Sometimes they are even different sexes and ages. This would not be possible if all personality came just from the biological brain.
*People are continually reporting Near Death and Out of Body Experiences. They have clearly seen their body motionless below them and have seen things that they could not have seen unless they were floating above it.
*People can be declared brain dead, no personality survives, but their body’s systems are still functioning. This could not occur if brain and body were  one inseparable  system.

One system or two?

The arguments  can go on and on. There is no conclusive proof either way.

Aspects of reality

In the end I feel it comes down to how you view the big picture of reality. If consciousness, our very essence, can leave our physical bodies after death, then many possibilities become more likely. By this I mean the existence of the soul, life after death, and even multiple lives. If even some of these can be shown to exist then it must be two systems not one. Mind and Body. Body and soul.

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