Variations on the Fairy theme

As we all are at base, fairies in all their different forms, are beings made of pure energy. The difference is that they are said not also have a physical body with blood, veins and bones as we do.

Some people do see them as we have been taught they look, others see them just as pinches of vibrating energy.

The more I research, the more different variations on the fairy theme I find. Fairies seems to be a general term for a huge variety of beings, seen or unseen that co-inhabit our Earth. There are not just the pretty fairies in our folk law with cute little wings, but include Devas, leprechauns, selkies, salamanders, elves, pixies and elementals+ even more variations on the theme.

Fairies have been classified historically in a variety of ways. In Irish and Scottish folklore, fairies are organized and classified into courts, the Seelie Court and the Unseelie Court.  In the Seelie court, they are beneficial spirits, and are friendly towards humans.  The Unseelie Court consists of the most hostile and perhaps evil of the fairies. Some believe that it contains a number of monsters of horrible appearance and fearsome abilities as well, who take pleasure in harming humans.

Some, of course, like the leprechauns are just mischievous, and some like the Devas and nature spirits are considered essential in maintaining and guiding the ecosystem on our Earth.

These I will explore next time.

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