Moon energies

Our Moon is a round body, a natural satellite, radius 1.737 km as opposed to Earth’s radius 6.371 km, so about 27% of our size.  It is believed to have once been part of our Earth, but to have broken away at sometime in the remote past. There are several theories on how it was formed, and how it came to be where it is.  Generally as far as I can work out, it is thought to have happened when the Earth was still molten, and was hit by another body that was wandering through our solar system.

It is held in place by our gravitation pull, and orbits Earth every 27.3 days. It always has the same side facing us. It appears to wax and wane in a 28 day cycle, as the amount of sunlight reflecting from it changes, depending on its relative position to the sun on its orbit.

How do moon energies practically affect Earth?

As our gravity holds it in place, its gravity pulls on us. The most obvious visible result is that the vast areas of water on the surface of the Earth, the oceans are pulled towards it. This results in our tides.

Female menstrual cycles (usually 28 days) are also linked to the moon cycles. There is also an old established theory that the energies of the full moon can make people insane.  After all, “lunacy” comes from the latin word luna, meaning moon. This is thought, in some circles, to be the result of gravitational pull on our bodily fluids.

The moon astrologically

All planets and heavenly bodies are supposed to affect the inhabitants of Earth,  humanity, with their energies. In western astrology the moon is said to represent the characteristics of our subconscious, depending where it is in the heavens when we are born. Moon energies are the basis for the whole system of Chinese astrology.

The Moon as a Goddess

 For Wiccans, and most Pagans, the Moon represents the Goddess, and reflects the life cycle for women. These phases are also used when performing magick spells. Each phase of the moon has its own energy and power. When spell casting the more you can align with the flow of Universal Energy the more powerful your spells will be. ( See post manifesting using moon magic for a fuller explanation.)

Aspects of Reality

Earth’s gravitational energies hold the Moon in a close orbit around the earth.

The Moon’s gravitational energies have an impact on the the Earth, both via the tides and astrologically.

The Moon is also considered to be a Goddess and her flow of universal energy can be used in Magick spells and rituals by us on Earth.



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