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My journey in looking at our beautiful moon is almost ended for now. As stated last week, I have learnt so much whilst researching the subject, and feel very lucky to have spoken to such talented and insightful people along the way

Last week I looked at the moon in magick and as a Goddess. I was doing it in an analytical way, looking at the different ways that the moon was both perceived and used by her followers This week I am looking at just a couple of ways that followers actually use the moon in magick.

Firstly; I have been very privileged to have been given some insight into the uses of the moon and her phases by Lady CrowMoon. She is the high priestess of Crow Gleann Coven

CrowMoon says For Wiccans, and most Pagans, the Moon represents the Goddess, and reflects the life cycle for women. These phases are also used when performing magick spells. The Moon is the queen of the night sky. She may reflect the light of the Sun, but Her power over the Earth and its inhabitants is strong. She is mysterious, as She requires those who follow her to discover what they are seeking from within themselves and only with her gentle nudges of insight. The Crescent Moon signifies the maiden. She is the waxing crescent that was born from the Dark Moon. The Crescent Moon’s energy is fresh, new, and growing. The Full Moon represents the mother. She is pregnant with the bounty of life, and hope for the future. As the Waning Moon starts Her journey, the crone approaches. She is ancient wisdom, a woman who has experienced and seen much of life and survived with stories to tell. For magickal phases, the New Moon is for bringing in new ideas, new ventures, new growth. The Full Moon is for gratitude and bounty. The Waning Moon is for releasing or banishing. The wise crone of the Dark Moon knows when to discard them and when to cast out.

Each phase of the moon has its own energy and power. When spell casting the more you can align with the flow of Universal Energy the more powerful your spells will be

Wise words indeed, I was also gifted a ritual using the full moon by Cherries Natural Healing.

Full Moon Release Ritual

The full moon is the end of the Cycle, and as such holds great energy and insight and is the perfect time to release that which binds us.

Preparation before the full moon: 1 Light a candle before you begin and set an intention for healing, clarity, grace and whatever else you’d like to experience. Actually hand-write this letter rather than typing it because writing with your hand accesses more of your right brain where your emotions and intuition are sourced. Get into a comfortable position, close your eyes, and take some deep breaths. Write as much or as little as you need and don’t edit yourself. Allow whatever comes forward to flow out.

  Get clear on what it is you wish to write about the person. It can be a letter or just phrases describing what the person did or said that you do not like or felt was unfair. The purpose is to get down on paper everything you need to say to bring closure to your relationship with that particular person (to end it forever).

 3 The letter can be in any form that can move you from the point of feeling angst (usually anger and blame) to a place of resolution (usually forgiveness and peace).  Write until there is nothing more you have to say. To cover anything you might have forgotten to say, put the words “and anything Else I Forgot to Say” at the bottom of the page. The point is to put the past down so you can put it behind you. This allows you to energetically say it all, and prevent the “Oh I didn’t say this or that” feeling.

Ceremony: Now, this is most important, create a sacred space. It does not have to be elaborate, nor with expensive tools, it can be with items you’ve collected from Nature – my favourite item is a pigeon feather, as a pigeon totem represents “going home” and is a beacon to the lost.

You could also have something that represents the four elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water – Acorns, Pine cones, anything you feel drawn to

Arrange them in a way that feels right to you. Take some incense, and light it, draw a large circle in the air and walk through it to smudge and cleanse yourself. Place your incense stick into the earth and ask for protection from your God or Goddess and set the intention to heal yourself and to harm none.

Take the piece of paper out, and burn it completely in a small fireproof bowl. Finally close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting in a chair facing the person (or situation) you have just achieved closure with.

Say: “I forgive you so that I can move on in my life without you.” (The key here is to really mean it)

This releases the energy of the intention to the universe. When the ashes are cool.. pick them up and throw them to the wind.. say any words that come into your mind, take a deep breath in, and slowly release it. Know that at that moment – at the level of Soul – the person absolutely received your message and completely understood it from your point of view. Rest assured that your words will be carried on the wind, and the person will feel them on one level or another. Concern yourself not with what they may feel – this is only about you and your lessons.

The purpose of this ritual is to achieve closure with people/situations who have departed from your life WITHOUT things being resolved.

 This exercise brings the energy of completion to the relationship or situation. It allows you to express – once and for all – what you wished to say to the person if you had the chance over again. It then releases the energy of closure and completion to the universe. Since at the level of pure energy, we are all one, you will feel the sense of closure and peace with the other person. Your completion letter will become one of your key sources from which you can extract the lessons the relationship was teaching you.

Finally, whatever your belief system, thank the Nature Spirits and your God or Goddess for walking with you. Be in a place of love and gratitude.

 Finally, put out the fire carefully, and leave no trace of your visit.

This healing ritual was freely donated by Cherries Natural Healing.

Two wonderful examples of using Magick and the moon . Thanks again to CrowMoon and Cherries Natural Healing and everyone else that gave me such wonderful information.

 Aspects of reality

1- Is the moon a goddess in her own right? Do deities actually control or influence our reality?

2-Use of the universal energy stream seems often prevalent in all types of Magic or reality manipulation.







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