More Earth energies

As discussed over the last few weeks, electromagnetic and gravitational energies seemingly permeate up or down from our magnetic core. There are points at which  these energies, due to geographical anomalies or cracks in the mantle,  emerge onto the surface and form so called ley lines. Lines of energy which can be detected and used.

The Earth itself has a charge, a Telluric current. This is a low level electromagnetic current flowing round the Earth. It varies in strength due to the underlying rock strata etc. This is said to be stronger along some ley lines. Human activities are said to contribute to it also. It is this charge that our ancestors may have harnessed to power their civilizations, or alien invaders used to power their technology. It is the charge that Nikola Tesla was trying to harness via his Wardenclyffe towers to give us all wirelessly transmitted free electricity, over 100 years ago, until he was stopped by his American big business partners.

Subtle Energies

There are also said to be other energies that emit from the ley lines. In particular, so called subtle energies. Subtle energies are said not to be measurable scientifically. There are also many different opinions and definitions concerning what they really are. They are supposed to be of higher vibration and finer than the normal electromagnetic energies. They are a hidden layer of energy in our reality.

I first heard the term subtle energies when looking at healing practice. Some people call all the layered energies in our aura our subtle energies. It was explained to me that all living things had an energy body which worked alongside and helped regulate their physical body. They receive energy via the chakras from something called the universal energy stream. It is this that healers are said to use to heal. In tuning up the energy body, or balancing the chakras, the physical body is more able to heal itself. ( I have done a lot in the past on this subject. Check out under my healing category for more information or clarification if you are interested). The question is then, are they just part of our natural world or are they a gift from the divine or designer?

These subtle energies are sometimes concentrated along these ley lines, which is why there are so many churches, temples and sacred rocks along them.

This is a very simplified explanation. I do have to say that the more research done, the more complicated, confused, and argued about the true story becomes. All we can say is that ley lines exist and can be detected. They seemed to have been used for many purposes over the length of our civilization. People may argue about what they actually are, but they do exist and have been of use, for good or evil purposes.

Aspects of reality

The Earth itself has a charge. A Telluric current flows around it.

Alongside the scientifically measurable energies that emit from ley lines are subtle, unscientifically measurable energies.



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