More fundamental elementals

Elementals are magical beings, building blocks of our existence. As ever research is very difficult and  there are different variations on the names and features of these entities. They are said to interact to make us, and there are many variations on the theme. This is a totally different way of looking at our creation and existence. The following list was given to me by Matthew Gibson. He reminds me that when I refer to our reality, I mean the 2nd Astral realm where we experience physical life.

He states that as well as the 5 elementals, Earth, fire, air water and storm there is:  Onix, light, death, dark, aether and life.

Onix- is the elemental that makes up the soul

Light- the elemental consisting of photons which in conjunction with our eyes allow us to see.

Death- is a transitional element ( vital to transform physical matter into etheric energy), which enables the spirit and soul to move on to the next plane.

Dark- the anti proton element which is behind dark matter and black holes etc.

Aether- this is the element of spirit, which pervades our reality.

Life- the element which gives is life, the generation of which science cannot yet properly explain.

Every element has a male and female aspect, giving 22 in total.

They occupy their own realms and venture into our physical world.

Fundamentally, as human beings we are made up of these elements.

A whole new way of looking at our reality. More research needed!


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