More Unanswerable questions

question marksA long post thread which began with the science of the multiverse, through the concepts of Good and Evil and into questioning what we have been told about the very origin of our creation has come to an end. As ever, in looking at the complex web of our reality there are always more questions than can be comfortably or correctly answered. All we can do as mere limited humans is to look at the possibilities that come before us.

Comments and interactions that I received both on the web site posts (Does evil exist? 1 &2 ) and via my book Aspects of Reality- a users guide to the universe’s  Facebook page, often threw doubt on the actual existence of Evil. In many circles it is considered an illusion, or manifested by ourselves. Those steeped in religion though, saw it as an actual force. So, as ever, the truth of things is still up for debate. Perhaps we are not supposed to know. But anyway  a character that I had not heard of before was brought to my attention. That was Abrasax, the solar God. ( last weeks post Does Evil exist?- 2 was illustrated by a wonderful Jeremy Lampkin painting  of Abrasax…see the post for links to his other work) He is supposed to represent both light and dark, good and evil. The latter being an illusion. Abrasax is reputed to be the originator from which our God was himself created, an over God really. If he actually exists then the religion we have been brought up to believe in is only part of the creation story.  I had intended to do a whole post on him, but information proved to be patchy and contradictory.  He, and other alternative creation structure theories though, will be a whole chapter in my new book (Further Aspects of Reality).

So, as ever all I can do is ask the questions and explore the possibilities. As I have said before, as limited human beings we are probably not capable to knowing or understanding the big picture of our reality, whatever clues we have. The truth about the real nature of our reality is as elusive as ever.

Keep asking those questions though!









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