Objective reality

Happy new year to all my followers and readers, sorry about the lack of posts during the holidays , but I have managed to get my brain working again!!!!  As some of you may remember, the nature of our reality is my main interest.  My last post looked at possibilities for our ultimate reality. Whatever you think that is (who made us and put us here), there are, at least, two additional forms of our reality in our universe. These are objective and subjective reality. This time I will look at objective reality.

For me, our objective reality is what we have agreed it is. That is what science tells us. It is the version of the possibilities inherent in the structure of the universe that we all see. It is the people around us, the birds, bees and planets and physical universe. Is it all there actually is? Almost certainly not. After all, we can only see what our eyes and physical senses are set up to detect. At least 95% of the universe is dark and unknown. Our objective universe is what, as a species we agree that it is. Is the whole story? almost certainly not. The interesting reality is the subjective one. I will look at that next time.

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