Observed strange reflections of reality

I have written in many posts over the last few months about many phenomena that people find strange.  This includes, amongst others, ghosts, aliens, angels, auras UFO’Ss, inter-dimensional beings etc. People often ask me if I , or any one I actually know, have ever had any personal experiences of any of those things mentioned. The existence of these phenomena, of course, if it could be proven,  is evidence that the reality which we have been brought up to think exists is not the whole story.

Evidence  from friends

  •  M reported that  several times a vast ball of orange light had flooded her house. It also came to her once whilst she was traveling in a car. She had an intense feeling of being watched. Was it an inter dimensional probe? Was it just a strange natural phenomena? It simply was too intense and unexpected to be just a trick of the light.
  •  Other friends of mine saw fast traveling balls of intense light when they were camping in Somerset.
  • C’s son in law, an Ex  air force pilot, reported seeing  strange lights in the sky  on many an occasion, which they were ordered to ignore.
  • My husband remembers a door latch repeatedly opening and closing on an old oak door in his grandmother’s house ( which was reputedly haunted)  when he was a boy.
  • B’s father told me about the strange man in old fashioned clothing that he saw walking down the corridor in his old cottage. I expect it was a ghost, he said, but I don’t believe in that sort of thing.

Personal evidence

Strangely, given my area of interest, I rarely see the phenomena I write about myself, or though I do know many sensible people that do. There are a few exceptions though.

  • Once walking with a friend that does see such things, she said look at that wonderful aura. I turned and saw this wonderful green and gold aura. As soon as I thought that “I don’t see auras” it vanished.
  • Just the other day I watched as 6-7 brilliant blue balls of light traveled across the room and vanish
  • Sitting chatting with my husband I saw a grey/black shape move across our then sitting room, I thought I had imagined it until I saw by his eyes that he had seen it too.
  • If asked if had ever seen an alien myself, I would have to say no for little green men. Just recently however, I was sitting in a pub car park and I saw a girl of about 20 walking towards me. The sun just caught her face a certain angle and it caught my eye. She looked as if she had a ridge down her face running from brow to chin down through the nose. Full face she looked normal, although she was a very funny pasty white. She walked to join her friends and merged in with crowd. Was she from another planet, and trying to pass as human? Was she just a victim of a birth defect or a terrible illness? Or was it just a trick of the light or my own imagination? Very hard to tell, I will never know for sure. All I know is that she did not look quite earthly.
  • I have also met people that did not quite seem human, but that, as they say, is another story!!!!!!!!


Is it possible that we could have imagined all this? Or could some of these be natural phenomena that are not yet properly explained? Either or both could be true. All I know is that there is so much of it that more and more people seem to be reporting. All you can really say is that something strange going on and that the reality that we have been taught exists cannot be the whole story.

What do you think?


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