Official cover up?

spaceshipsIn a previous post I asked why it was that the official position concerning UFO’s and alien contact is denial, but files on the phenomena are often classified or withheld?

John Hargrove came up with an answer as follows;

The explanation to your question .
1. With” War of the worlds” broadcast by Orson Welles back in the thirties. A nationwide panic began to set off.

2. The concept of what human’s believe as God would destroyed and society would break down.
3. To acknowledge that we are not the most powerful, that we are inferior would aid to the breakdown.
4. There is so much valid information that disclosure must be initiated by double talk and leaks.

Thanks John, I wonder though if in some case there is not a more sinister agenda as well though? What do you think or know?

Aspect of reality

1- The knowledge of  human frailty, and the fear that it may lead to a societal break down if the certainties they have fed us over the years are challenged, may be hindering disclosure of alien content.

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