Past lives pain present in this one

back massage People often think that the physical world around us is all there is to reality. It is always very interesting when those that don’t really believe in the multidimensional, many layered actual reality get a glimpse of it that confounds their beliefs.

For instance ;My husband has a very bad back. His profession as a younger man caused damage that has shown up in older age. It is the sort of wear and tear that the medical profession cannot do much about. Massage and chiropractic manipulation help, at least short term. Whist on holiday, in pain, he went to a new masseuse. Unbeknownst to him she worked with energies as well as massaging. Half way through the massage he began to hallucinate. Images from the crusades and Knights Templar flooded his brain. The pain in his back disappeared completely for the first time in years. He just was not expecting that.

So, part of his pain, probably the reason that the medical profession cannot help him, is that it is not just wear and tear but past life memories trapped in his spirit body that is causing some of the trouble. How much of this is true for all of us? We are using medicines to treat pain that is just trapped trauma from past lives which should be dealt with and released.

Aspects of reality

1-We have a spirit body that is used in healing. Trauma can be trapped in this spirit body which can cause pain in the physical body.

2- We have lived many times, trauma from past lives can continue into this one.



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