Perceptions on good and evil

magiceyeLast week I spoke about our perceptions of our physical world and how they may influence our reality. This week my intention was to look how perceptions may influence our conduct in the world. Funnily enough, as I was writing my blog I found a relevant cutting that I had saved from the Daily Mail recently. Someone had asked Jonathon Cainer, the astrologer, if good will eventually overcome evil. To my surprise he intimated that evil was perhaps a matter of perception not an absolute. He said that many evil doers to not see what they are doing as evil, and indeed may even see some of your good actions as evil. He looked forward to the time when people are wise enough not to make such cut and dried distinctions. I must admit that I had not thought of things that way.

Looking in depth at the concept of evil is something I have actually avoided. I touched on it when writing ( Aspects of Reality- a user’s guide to the universe). It is was my intention to look at it more closely in research for my next book ( Further Aspects of Reality). It may be, though, a real super clue to the big picture of our reality. Is there actually an evil entity as per our Christian tradition?

Or, as Jonathon states, is it just a matter of perception?

Something to research and think about more deeply anyway.

What do you think?



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