magiceyeFor the past couple of years I have discussed aspects of our reality and how they seem to interact to make us us, and our world what it seems to be. What ever the ultimate truth about our reality though, the fact is that it is multi layered.

At one level our physical bodies consist of nothing more than vibrating parcels of energy in combination, acting in accordance with the laws of physics. (We could even be holograms!). Then our seemingly solid human body itself functions according to complex biological rules. On the other hand we are conscious spiritual beings with essences or souls who appear to exist beyond physical death. Some people even think we can alter and direct our own realities.

Why are we here? What on earth is the true big picture? What does happen when we die ? How  fixed is our reality.?These are all fundamentally unanswerable questions.

There is even another aspect of our reality though, on top of all these. What ever our physical reality actually is, perceptions of the same reality can vary from person to person. How often is the same scene viewed differently? How often do our pre existing perceptions spoil or warp what is actually there in the world for us? Do we in anyway see the same things as other people? Are those with different perceptions actually wrong? More unanswerable questions.


Perhaps our individual perception of our reality is more important than we realise. Perhaps they actually influence our realities in ways we are not conscious of.

What do you think?


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