The power of love

Recently I posted a story about how the power of love seemingly brought a baby back from the dead. This week I will finish my love cycle with a story ab0ut a baby born sick and possibly brain damaged, who was revived by a mass effort of love and healing.

My dear friend F emailed me with very sad news about her new baby grand daughter. Unexpectedly there had been problems with the birth and the baby was born brain damaged and needing help with her vital functions. The poor young parents were told that there was “nothing there” and that they would have to make hard decisions (IE turn off life support).

F knew that there was something there, despite what the doctors had to say. She described how she had seen that the child was trying to focus on its mum. She put out a request to all her healing friends to send distance healing and love. That very day, it was as if someone had thrown a switch. She felt this enormous wave of healing and the baby suddenly improved dramatically. It went from death’s door to being well enough to go home. Brain dead was now reclassified to brain bruised. She has problems, but not insurmountable ones long term.

Love is then proven to be  a  powerful force that, if focused, can achieve miracles. Is it just part of being human, a gift from a creator, or part of the divine itself? I am more and more inclined to think that it is the latter.

Life would anyway be very difficult without it.

What do you think?


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  1. Vincent. Adika says:

    This is all part of the profound shift of great opportunities currently available for humanity to access and utilise! Lets put all our thoughts, ideas,actions and views to one another and through this network, who knows what might happen. My warmest regards and best wishes to you all!

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