Manifesting our own reality

t4t0 Thinking about how we  programme our own reality, I looked at the reality clues in the science of quantum mechanics. The quantum  particles which make up the atoms from which the universe is constructed sometimes behave very strangely, they do not always follow the mainstream laws of physics. In particular I high lighted the amazing fact that when particles link up or change form they instantaneously take every possible form, only settling on one when observed.  I then asked, does that mean that we can affect the form of our reality with our consciousness? A mind blowing concept!

Well mainstream scientists would say no, that is not possible, the behavior at the quantum level does not show itself in the real ” solid” world. But is this always so?

Is there any evidence for this at all? Well funnily enough there is. Dr Masaru Emoto, a Japanese researcher, claims that he has shown that human consciousness has a effect on the molecular structure of water. He was photographing frozen water crystals and found that, like snowflakes, they had varied, but usually six pointed symmetrical beautiful structure. The interesting thing was that the purer the water the more symmetrically beautiful the crystals were. Polluted water crystals were just a ragged mess,  the crystalline structure varied enormously. This is, of course, not surprising, what you would expect probably.

Dr Emoto started to experiment with water from different sources and noticed  variations in the patterns.  He also noticed that the playing of music affected the structure. Beautiful calm music produced beautiful ordered crystals as the top one. Heavy metal or angry and strident music  produced crystals like the bottom one. This was not unexpected, but what happened next was.

Dr Emoto found that similar effects were happening when rather than music was played, thoughts were directed at the water. Nice thoughts beautiful crystals, angry or  negative thoughts, a mess. This meant that at a basic level human thoughts were affecting the matter around them. That is- the consciousness of the experimenter was affecting the molecular structure of the water. Similar experiments were done with rice. Positive thoughts retarded rotting, negative thoughts accelerated it.

Is this proof that we can alter our environment with our consciousness, absolutely not. Dr Emoto is ridiculed in mainstream scientific circles.

What it is, however, is an indication that we can, as humans, change the physical world around us even slightly with our thoughts. Are we influencing the quantum structure? What else could we be doing?

Aspects of Reality

Thoughts can influence our environment and our overall reality.




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