Re calibrating reality

Whether reality is actually fixed or we generate it as we go ( see previous posts on the matter subjective objective and ultimate reality), is always an interesting debate. We do tend to presume, to cope with everyday life, that it is fixed and unchanging and things are usually as we expect them to be. The really interesting thing though is when we actually catch reality out. When things are not as they “should” be. Usually our brain compensates for this, but not always.

I have explained before how I experienced a time loop. I had a 15 minute repeat some time ago. The latest anomaly happened the other day. The dashboard on my car had altered. I was very pleased with an automatic headlight button. I always used it, particularly in dusk or dull situations.

I went to switch it on the other day and it had simply gone. Am I going bonkers? Had I imagined it? I knew neither was true.

So had my reality just re calibrated itself with a minor error?

What do you think?

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