Re-incarnation- adult evidence

How can we possibly know we have lived before? What actual evidence is there?  We have looked at the evidence from children (see post reincarnation-anecdotal evidence from children). Many adults also feel strongly that they have lived before.  There seems to be two main ways of accessing information from past lives. One involves old memories partially bleeding through into our present consciousness, the other involves being helped to access these memories by specialist professionals.


Memory bleed through

Firstly the memories creep back on their own. This may  happen in dreams, through  unexpected skills, or fears or even the feeling of deja vu. How often have we been to a place and been familiar with it although we have never been there? How often do we “recognize” people who we could not have possible met? There is always other explanations for such things of course but not all can be explained away.


Personal witness

I have suddenly been faced with old life memories. For me a memory of drowning in a cold northern sea, trapped under a boat, came about out of the blue, in the course of a Reiki healing session in a heath farm. I suddenly and unexpectedly felt the weight of a ships beam on my chest, and realized that I was trapped and would be drowned. There was a sense of frustration of things left uncompleted in that life. It also explained the feeling of dread that I always experienced when I was on board a sailing boat. I love the water, but always worried about a boat turning over and being trapped.


Professional help

Secondly, people who feel subconsciously  that they have lived before go and seek out a specialist practitioner to help them unlock these lost lives. This is sometimes done because they have mental or physical problems in this one. It also sometimes happens that people seek some other form of mental therapy for problems and are shocked when past life stuff comes out unexpectedly.


Personal witness

The evidence seems even more compelling when it comes up unexpectedly .My husband was, in his words, “ mesmerized” by someone he met, many years ago. He was working with her on a project. The regression was offered as treat and he felt that, whilst not believing in it, it would have been churlish to refuse. He was very skeptical before hand but, to his surprise, several lives were revealed to him. This included a Paleolithic one, (not much going on then apparently) and most significantly for him, an American Civil War one. He remembers being in the stables and seeing one of his, now current friends, in this life. He also saw a figure he called the Angel of Death. He, supposedly, took a cannon ball in the stomach and was killed. Strangely, he was born with stomach problems in this life. Is this linked? Very possibly.

Personal regression

I myself tried regression, just to see, whilst writing about the subject. It is a strange experience and two lives were revealed. These were, a  life as mercenary in  Roman occupied Britain and a life as army general in a battle, probably Agincourt. Did I believe in it? Well these lives and the opinions expressed could explain certain attitudes and relationships with people. They could also explain insights and attitudes that I had from an early age, which were certainly not a product of my upbringing or education or even obvious genetics. Could it have been my imagination or my mind playing tricks? Absolutely, this may be a possibility. I have no way of checking up, but it was certainly interesting.


Possible conclusions

It may be concluded that many people, more that the scientific community and some religious institutions would allow, believe that we live many times. For many more “primitive” cultures believe that we have spirits which are separate from our physical form and that can leap from body to body. If consciousness can leave your physical body, multiple lives could be very possible. We are after all, as science shows, just energy beings in a vast energy field of probable multiple dimensions, some of which are currently beyond our sight and understanding. More things are possible than our society, for its own reasons, will allow. As a reflection of possible realities, the possibility of multiple lives, indicates a vaster and more complex big picture that we are currently taught by our society. The major clue is in asking why this should happen. What would be the purpose of multiple lives in any big picture?

Aspects of reality

1- Our consciousness/spirit does go on after physical death.

2- There is strong anecdotal evidence that we live many lives.

3- This indicates a more complex big picture of reality than we are taught exists.

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