Re-incarnation-anecdotal evidence from children

It is very hard to prove  that we do live many times. All we can say is, that in establishing a possible mechanism in the continuation of  some  vital part of us after physical  death (see posts on  spirits and ghosts, near death and out of body experiences) we cannot rule it out completely. As we are supposed to be born with no memory of past lives, it should be impossible to even come up with any evidence at all. In practice, however, there seems to be some traces of past lives sometimes bleeding through into out present ones. It is in these bleed throughs that we can find some anecdotal evidence of this aspect of  reality. There are many examples given on the internet, but below are just a few concerning children that have come to my attention.

The evidence from children

Small children often recount past life information, as they do not know that knowing  it should not be a possibility. They often lose it, or cannot remember it as they get older. Children between two and five often spontaneously talk about previous lives and experiences.

  • Tom Shroder’s book “Old Souls “documents some of a Dr Stevenson’s travels among children, with stories both in the US and India . Dr Stevenson has studied the phenomena for many years. The book documents many many strange stories of past life memories of children. These stories are of differing quality, but there are too many to ignore completely. He found multiple examples of partly remembered recent past lives among children of all races and creeds. Many seemed to have died prematurely or traumatically in past lives, leaving a sense of unfinished business.


  • There was a particularly high concentration among those that have religions that accept re-incarnation as the norm i.e. Druse. Amongst Druse children it was quite common for children with memories of a past life to re visit their “old” stamping grounds and link up with previous family. Often an on going relationship between the old and new families would ensue. Is this all fiction or overheated imagination? Although strong, not all memories were complete or 100% accurate on all details. All taken seriously, though, did contain details that could not have been easily known to persons that had not been who they claimed to be.


  • Jenny Cockell wrote a book, “Yesterdays children” which document her supposed memories of a place and children that she had dreamt about for many years. The mother (her?) had died prematurely and was desperately worried about the fate of the children that she had left behind. It was years before she was able to try and check up on these “memories” that had been haunting her. As before, they were not 100% clear but she did eventually find the place that she had dreamt about but never actually visited. She, due to modern technology, was even able to find some of her “children”, who were able to confirm many details that she had dreamt about their childhood and no one else could have known to be true.


  • An acquaintance of mine, tells the story of her daughter as a very young child, executing perfect dance moves. She had not had lessons or access to dance. She used to comment, when surprise was shown at her abilities, that of course she used to be a dancer in Rome. She herself has now no conscious memories of either Rome, or what she said as a child.


Small children are interesting studies, as they tend to be totally disingenuous. They say what they say without the filter of what is acceptable or understandable in our society. They tell it as it is.


Other possible explanations

There may be cases of it being a false memory, make believe,  or even  the ideas being accidentally planted in the child’s head. It may even be, more controversially, genetic memory. This theory states the possibility that if a parent or anyone in their genetic line has been to a place, the experience may have been registered in the genes that have been passed on. This does not sound very likely to me, but who knows what science will determine in the future.

Aspects of reality

1- Our consciousness/spirit does go on after physical death.

2- There is strong anecdotal evidence that we live many lives. Some children actually remember them.

3- This indicates a more complex big picture of reality than we are taught exists.


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