Reality-before the big bang

Browsing my Sky TV planner recently, I came across an episode of BBC’s Horizon. This particular one was called “What happened before the Big Bang.” This is particularly interesting from the perspective of looking at the true nature, and possible origins, of our reality.

As you may remember, all the universe and everything in it,  are  supposed to have come into existence  from, the so called, Big Bang. This describes the moment that energy burst forth from a point, a singularity, and set in train the creation process. Its existence was “proven” by the American astronomer Edwin Hubble. By observation, he noted that stars were moving away from us at a faster and faster rate, the further out in space they were. He  plotted this on a graph. He then  deduced that, by following the graph backwards in time, in the past everything was closer and closer together. Logically then,  the universe could be traced back to a single point, the singularity. This has been the mainstream scientific cosmological model for a great number of years. The great problem with this model is that it does not explain where this energy comes from, or what could have happened pre- Big Bang.

Possible alternatives

There are many scientific institutions world wide that are actively researching this problem. The programme concentrated on the Canadian Perimeter Institute. This specializes in  fundamental physics research. Many of the scientists within the institute had different ideas. Many now question the existence of the Big Bang at all.

No bang theories

The ideas were strange and complex, very difficult to get your head around. The problem that science has is, that the whole of existence relies on the premise of cause and effect. With the Big Bang, there is effect but no cause. This does not sit happily with scientists. Ideas which do not involve a Big Bang  include;

  • There was no Big Bang, but a Big Bounce. If you combine Einstein’s law of gravity with quantum mechanics, a set of equations can be constructed. According to these equations, at a certain point, the gravity becomes negative. It becomes repulsive rather than attractive. This means that the universe will implode on itself then bounce back into existence. It becomes a cyclical bounce, rather than a  bang.
  • The theory used to be  that there was a bang, followed by something called inflation. Some think that there was no bang, but already existing inflation. Our universe is just formed from a patch of inflation in, a  Swiss cheese, like multi universe. I found this impossible to get my head around!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The universe reproduces itself. Black holes suck matter in, then spew matter out to form new universes.
  • We are existing on Branes or membranes. These are separated from each other by a strip of fourth dimension. They ripple, and when they touch, matter is pulled out and a new universe is formed.

Aspects of Reality

These seem very strange, and may or may not prove to be the correct answer. Interestingly enough, though, none of them address the fundamental question of where the initial energy/matter which formed the pre-Big Bang, or not Big Bang, creation came from. What ever the scientific answer, they have not addressed the why, or how of ultimate creation at all. It may in the end a case for faith, rather than science. Very interesting though!!!




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