Reality, subjectivity and uncertainty.

Reality may be more subjective than you may think, not only because of the variations in our sense organs and consciousness in detecting it ( see last post, subjective reality), but because uncertainty, therefore variation, may be built into the mechanics of the universe.

Quantum mechanics, which looks at the science of the smallest particles in our universe which under pins all of our physical creation, has strange rules.  Unlike the conventional Newtonian physics, (Universe as a machine) where particles always do the same thing in the same circumstances, there is no such fixity on the quantum level.

There is particular quantum law which states that all matter exists in all possible states simultaneously. It only fixes into one when someone observes or measures it.

This does have mind blowing implications. Our realities may actually be fixed slightly differently. They are more uncertain and  subjective than we are aware of on a daily basis.

If anyone is interested there are articles about Quantum mechanics under the Science of reality on this website.



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