Reality super clues – Why free will?

red-question-markScience would have us believe that we evolved, as human beings, though random evolutionary processes from single cell bacteria like creatures to the complex and thinking beings we are today. If that is wholly true and there are no other inputs ( from a God or intelligent design of some sort) then us, and this evolutionary process, could be said to be a product of the Determinist view of creation.

The determinist view

That is, we are a product of our parent’s genes, which are themselves products of the evolutionary process.

The corollary to this is that our minds then are just a factor of our physical brain and our genetic inheritance. Who we are and what we do are guided by these forces. Environmental factors will modify this but these factors are determined by the variations of the same forces that determined us. They are all part of the package.

Could this be all there is to it? Or is there a super clue in the making here?

Super Clue of free will

If the determinist view was the whole story, then could we be held accountable for all our actions?

Could a murderer say that killing was in his genes- so he could not help it? That would have massive consequences for our criminal justice system! It would be unworkable. This is where the concept and Super Clue of Free Will comes into it.

As human beings we seem to have the capability of over riding our genes. We can think for ourselves.  We can do things that are not in our best interest. We can seemingly act against our genetic inheritance We do have the capacity for abstract thought that is more than would be needed for just purely evolutionary survival. We do seem to have Free Will.

What does that mean for the big picture of reality?

The super clue is, where does this Free Will come from? Is it a gift from God? Is it a sign that our consciousness is not just genetically based but comes from elsewhere? Then where is this elsewhere? Or could our DNA have been altered by aliens at a certain time in our evolution?

Anyway its very existence is the clue that the purely physical view of our reality is not the whole story. What do you think?



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