Reality and healing-reflexology in practice

The reality is that reflexology works and is widely accepted. As we have seen there are differing opinions on how it actually works. The question has to be asked, what aspect of reality does the fact that it does seem to work give credence to? Are practitioners working with the body’s natural embedded electrical energy body? Are they working with the spirit body? Or are we just biological beings, and they are releasing natural endorphins to allow natural healing, by just fiddling with the feet?

The questions are at this moment difficult to answer. All we can do is to ask practitioners about their individual experiences whilst working in the field. I asked two successful practitioners for their thoughts on these matters.

Reflexology in practice

Firstly, Jean,
Jean tells me that when working on an individual’s feet she actually feels different energetic textures. Different textures indicate to her different problems. A puffy or doughy feel tells her that there is a long term problem with what ever body part that the points or zones she is working on relate to. Similarly a gritty feel may indicate an acute condition. A buzzy tingly feel at a point on the foot also indicates too much energy within that body area. That means there is an energy imbalance which needs correcting. These explanations seem to indicate that Jean is in fact dealing with the embedded electrical energy body.

Secondly, Chloe,
Whilst using similar physical techniques, Chloe has a totally different approach in practice. Alongside similar experiences to Jean, she also works instinctively. She feels that she is connecting directly to her patient’s  spirit body. Whilst connecting to a person through their feet, she feels not only the physical but also the emotional person. She sees old memories and emotions stored in the spirit body, which may be causing the bodily imbalances. She often picks up their headaches, nausea stomach upsets etc by feeling them in her own body. She has even detected pregnancy that way. It seems as if Chloe is dealing with both the electrical and spirit bodies of her clients. She also believes that just making the person feel better, by massaging the feet, has a vital role also in healing and rebalancing the physical person.

Aspects of Reality

Although working somewhat differently, both Jean and Chloe are eminently successful in what they do. Reflexology is an interesting and useful tool in natural healing. It also shows us that the reality is that the human body is not just flesh and blood. There are other unseen energetic levels to humanity, that reflexology, in its many forms, utilizes to maximize health.

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