Science of changing your reality

consciousness Before looking at how people can manifest, it is worth looking at the proper possible scientific mechanisms that can be found in the nature of reality itself. Surprisingly science seems to have possible answers.

These are;-

Quantum Mechanics

The truth is that the matter that makes up our seemingly physical universe is not really solid at all. The reality building blocks, the atoms, are just parcels of energy in different combinations. Quantum mechanics ( the study of these parcels or quanta) reveals a very strange world. Put very simply, all these energy bundles that make up our world can be, seemingly at random, either waves or particles. When they transform and regroup they instantly take every possible path. They only settle on one form when someone observes them. How science know these things is itself hard to understand. The implications though are mind blowing. Taken to the logical conclusion, we do have, by observation, a direct input into our own reality. Some people do actually believe that our reality is just a function of our own such co operative inputs. We can create and change by the power of our minds over the quanta.

The multiverse

The multiverse theory holds all possible personal alternative realities (and universes) are happening at the same time, but we are only conscious in one. Manifesting may just be a way of jumping to the alternative where what you are manifesting may already be happening.  For more on the theory behind the Multiverse theories check back to my posts last October, category science of reality or tag multiverse.

So there may be a respectable scientific path that can explain successful manifesting. Or the truth may be something quite different. What do you think?

Aspects of reality

1-We have a direct input into our reality.

2-All possible realities may be happening at once in the multiverse.



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