Science, reality, multiverses -2

Multiverse1Last week, triggered by a New Scientist headline, I discussed the concept of multiverses. Put simply, that is an infinite number of alternative universes existing simultaneously but unseen alongside ours. I highlighted the further theory, taken seriously in some scientific circles, that there may also be multiple copies of each of us also. For every decision that we make we split. One copy of us doing action (a) and the other doing action (b), for instance. This itself raises interesting questions about whether we are conscious in just one or all realities, or even whether we can jump from reality to reality thus creating our own path through. All unanswerable questions of course ( although people are working on it ).

Aspects of reality

If all possible variations of our life decisions are there, and we are living all of them simultaneously, then where does that leave the concepts of good and evil?






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  1. karing4u says:

    Intriguing to say the least! This is something that has sparked my interest lately as well and I’ve begun exploring the possibility. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I look forward to more posts.

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