Second aspect of reality-where did we come from?

The second aspect of reality that I have identified, concerns the fundamental question of our origins. Whatever you think the true nature of humanity is, where did the earth, which we live on, come from? Who or what made our physical  universe? How could it have come into existence? In seeking an answer, my culture has three main theoretical contenders. These are those of faith, those of science and those of imagination.


Science tells us that the raw energy, which became matter, burst into being from nothing at the time of the so called big bang. The matter became stars, then our universe and our earth, as we know them, came into being. Science tells us that energy can neither be created or destroyed, it merely changes form. It cannot explain yet where the initial burst of universe forming energy came from.


Faith based theories have God, or Gods, creating the universe out of nothingness, to their own design and for their own purposes.


There are also other alternative creation theories, some plausible, some less likely. These include those based on energy, or the manifesting of matter with mind energy. There is also quite a strong case that says we were designed by some one or something, but not a necessarily the religious Go d, as portrayed in our culture.


The truth about physical creation of the universe, and ourselves, is a vital clue in our search for our understanding about the true nature of reality. The following articles will explore some of these possibilities.





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