Seven aspects of reality

Probably most people reading this blog, whatever their interests and disciplines, would agree on one thing. That is that that the mainstream version of the nature of the reality in which we live is not necessarily the whole story.

As ever I ask, what is the true nature of our reality? The truth is that  as limited beings, all we can understand of the real big picture can be deduced from the glimpses and clues that are available to us. It is as if we are looking at the reflections from one of those old fashioned glitter balls that used to hang from ballroom ceilings. They are as they are, but as the light shines on them and they turn, all we can see are the, seemingly random, reflections bouncing back from their multiple facets. Not only that but the reflections may look different to everyone watching, depending where they are standing and what light is shining on them at the time.


All we can see are just reflections, or aspects, of the factors making up our reality. At the beginning of this blog 18 months ago, I identified 7 main aspects of the reality that we can see. In the course of my studies I have refined and restated these with more clarity.

Seven Aspects of Reality

  1. Our atomic structure means that we are made of nothing more than vibrating parcels of energy. Energies flood through our universe, atomic, electromagnetic, gravitational. We are energy beings living in an energy matrix. Even our thoughts and emotions are energy, not necessarily constrained by our physical bodies. Our consciousness is the only way we know we exist.
  2. This consciousness can be proved to be separate from, but working in harmony with, our physical bodies. It can be seen as our essence or soul. Near death and out of body experiences, communication with dead, past life memories and the existence of ghosts prove continuation of our soul/essence in some form after physical death.
  3. Science states that we are just products of random evolutionary forces. It cannot yet explain why life exists, and how it first came into being and even where the energy of the big bang, which is supposed to have triggered creation, came from. There is no evolutionary need for the level on consciousness that we have. Concepts like karma and good and evil also hint at a more complex a bigger picture.
  4. Science says that we live in a multidimensional universe, perhaps even a multiverse. Quantum mechanics gives possible mechanisms for telepathy and interconnectedness. It also hints that reality may be more individual than we think. Matter at quantum level only settles into its final form when someone observes it.
  5. We are multi layered beings. Spirit or subtle bodies seem to work along side our physical bodies. There is theory that we all grow, not randomly, but to an energy blue print.
  6. Many people have extraordinary psychic abilities. Also, disciplines such as numerology, astrology and I Ching seem to act as sort of guidance systems to help us through life. The very existence of these skills and disciplines hints at a complex big picture of reality, even deliberate design.
  7. We do not seem to be alone. There are beings seemingly helping us. Angels, spirit guides and nature spirits, among others. Why should this be so in a random world?


What is at the heart of our glitter ball we cannot know. We can just keep looking and studying the reflections. Perhaps one day we will make sense of it all!!!!






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