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Aspects of reality a user’s guide to the universe

What is the truth about  our reality? Some time or other we all question the nature of the reality that we find ourselves living in. Seemingly unanswerable questions go on and on. Who and what actually are we?  How did we really got here? What is the purpose of our lives? Is the universe around us as we think it is?

We grow up thinking that reality is fixed. We believe what we see around us, and what we are taught at school and at home. The truth is that it is more complicated than that, we only see part of the big picture. The more that you seek knowledge, the more uncertain things become. At the end you can only be sure that we can never wholly know the truth about the actual nature of reality at all.

We think that science has provided us with all the answers, we believe that as 21st century advanced human beings that we know, or could know,all about life the universe and everything. Yet interestingly enough, one or more of our primary basic conceptions concerning ourselves is wrong. For instance,  as we go about our daily business we feel that we are walking about on a static surface. The truth is that the Earth is spinning on its axis and hurtling through space in orbit around the sun. We are completely unaware of this on a day to day basis. It then has to be asked, what else are we unaware of, or mistaken about?

Well, it has been suggested to me that our understanding of reality is like looking at the reflections from an old fashioned glitter ball that hangs from ballroom or disco ceilings. It is above our heads turning the whole time.  It is as it is, but all we can see are reflections or aspects from the many facets that make up the whole. Also what we see depends on where we are standing and what lights are shinning on what facet at the time.

Join me on my journey of discovery, looking at the science, the philosophy, the nature of our consciousness, the spiritual story and clues that death is not the end of us as individuals and much more.

 Aspects of Reality- a users guide to the universe.  Email for your signed copy and payment options.

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