Seventh Aspect of Reality-Help for Humanity

If you may remember, at the beginning of my blog I identified seven main aspects of reality. The seventh concerned the interesting concept that humanity does not seem to be alone in this reality of ours.  There are beings,  of several kinds,  seemingly helping us.

What kinds of help do we have?

In my researches I came across several different types of being or entity that seem to interact with and help us.

  • Angels seem to have a well documented history, both in religious and alternative new age thinking circles, of  helping humanity. This is both on individual and collective basis.
  • Nature spirits are supposed to  help the plant life of the biosphere. Some also believe that every rock, building and everything on the earth has its own spirit. The earth itself, in Gaia, may be a sentient being.
  • Aliens may interact with us. Some believe that they have interfered with the human genome in the past, to develop our minds beyond that which normal evolutionary forces would allow. Some also believe that we have had help to organise ourselves into civilisation in the distant past.
  • Fairies are also well documented. Many people work with Fairy energy.

These are just four main types I have identified, there are many more that I will be looking at in future.



4 Responses to “Seventh Aspect of Reality-Help for Humanity”

  1. Nick Allen says:

    Hi, I have just discovered your site and can’t resist commenting because I am very interested in astronomy. I would like to comment on your 3 pionts above.

    1. If something is believed by lots of people, ir does not make it true. Lots of folk believe in an afterlife or ghosts, but is does not make them true. There is no proper evidence for either of these, just anecdotal accounts or blind faith.

    2. The belief in spirits started when people could not have an awareness of the real reason things happened. There was a time when the sun was thought to be a god – now we know otherwise. We coulodn’t continue to foster beliefs started by people who didn’t have todays advantages of scientific research.

    3. I think the clue here is ” Some believe”. Who are these people? I bet there is a marked absence of scientists, and a preponderance of people who rely on faith, in the group you mention. Relying on faith and unproven theories is a bad way of explaining the universe.

    If you do want to acertain the Earth is a living being, please show the evidence. But remember – extraordinary claims require extrordinary and compelling evidence!


    • Marian says:

      Hi Nick, thanks for your comments, great to have someone actually questioning things!!
      The blog is mostly just snapshots of bits of my now published book.”Aspects of Reality- a users guide to the universe” I do usually start with the science and then apply philosophy and empirical evidence, and in a way the blog posts do not show the whole process. Try my book and you will get a better idea of what I am trying to do.
      As a seeker, rather than expounder of the truth, I always put both sides- often playing devils advocate. The more I looked at all the evidence, often the less certain things became.
      However..your points
      1, Whether you believe in them or not, there is empirical evidence for ghosts, spanning thousands of years. The stricking thing I found when I researched was that many sensible people saw or felt things who did not beforehand believe in such phenomena, and were almost annoyed that they had experience them. The main point I make in the chapter as a whole is that there is obviously something going on here- whether it is what we believe it is or not.
      2, Ditto- plus high science is now looking at the concepts of multi dimensional universes and multiverses.There is a beginning of scientific evidence of mechanisms by which these things may be possible.
      Also The study of human conciousness, and the empirical and practical evidence that it may survive physical death in some form, is a growing field. If it can be proven to do, so then the actual existence of the above phenonema are not just a matter of blind faith. There is ongoing scientific reserach into these matters. Then again..the book paints the whole picture and gives comprehensive explantions of both sides of the current thinking.
      3, I always put both or all sides to any discussion. As before mentioned I often play devils advocate. I almost never come to firm conclusions, but indicate the possible conclusions and their possible implications for reality.
      There are many quite sensible people who believe in gaia and other strange phenonema. I have no personal or scientific evidence for their existence, but mention them as possibilities to complete the picture. Often science does lag behind peoples understandings.

      In fact the more I looked into science, cosmology and quantum mechanics in particular..the more uncertain the hard facts of science became.There are infact many “black holes” and they seem to be finding more not less!!!! In quantum mechanics in particular there are indications of possible mechanisms for many of the “weird” phenomena that alternative thinkers have talked about for hundreds, if not thousands of years. I think you do science a diservice in assuming that it is always opposed to alterantive thinking.

      The whole concept of the book is that, as limited beings, we cannot know the whole story of the reality of our universe and existence.We just get glimpses or reflections.Some scientific, some unscientific. To leave out completely the unscientific would give an incomplete and possibly an inaccurate picture.
      Hope this helps..cheers marian

  2. Nick Allen says:

    Thanks for that balanced and informative reply Marian! I have no problem with people playing devil’s advocate – I like to do it myself. I also agree that quantum physics will uncover some weird stuff!

    Well done on getting the book publishd – never an easy thing to do.



    • Marian says:

      I really enjoyed your comments. It is so nice to engage with someone..please keep them coming. Have you looked at the Max Plank ( the physics Nobel prize winner ) quote I have put up today? Very relevant to our sort of conversation I think.

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