Sixth aspect of reality- energy or spirit bodies

Having spent the last few months looking at some of the insights into the aspects of reality that science gives us, I felt it was time to look at some of the interesting stuff that science cannot yet throw any light on.

My sixth aspect of reality then concerns our spirit dimensions, which many people believe  co-exist along side our physical bodies and help them to function.

Sixth Aspect of Reality

Along side our physical bodies we have a many layered spirit body. The first layer works along side our physical body to help maintain its systems and integrity. This energy body is linked into the universal energy fields by something called the hara. We receive energy through the hara. Some people would go further and say that we grow and develop to an energy blue print, designed before birth.

It is this spirit body that healers use to heal.

If these things actually exist, what sort of big picture of reality would this indicate?




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