Personal testimony to the existence of Angels

angel-of-lightHaving had several readers cast doubt on the very existence of Angels, I thought it was time to give evidence for the other side. There are many people who see or work with angels for the benefit of mankind. One of these is Sarah Hayward and I have asked to explain what she actually does with them.

Her reply was as follows in her own words;

Angels – Are they Real?

Years ago I would have been skeptical. I had never had any experience with them or even had an inkling to bring them into my life.

Since 2011 however, my views and life has changed dramatically. I had an awakening which led to meditations in which my head and arms would be moved as I lay there – allowing the process – knowing deep down that it was safe. So much white light. It was an amazing experience.

Not long after I was attuned to work with angels and their energies and began to be aware of a beautiful pink light around me as I worked with people, bringing them messages and healing energies from the angelic realm.

Later I was guided to channel with the angels and as a result have channeled three books all about manifesting a better world. The words in these are so powerful and exquisite that the energy of them blows me away every time I read them. Such powerful messages. We are so far from living a loving life on this planet that is so possible if only we allowed it to be.

I have also since done live channeling with people in groups where people have been able to ask questions of spirit – and as I mostly work with angels and those of pure mind, the answers that came back were from such a source. This is something I can do simply by tuning in. I often tune in to angels and the spirit guides to do meditations with people which are often so amazing, peaceful and full of wisdom that they leave me lost for words when it comes to an end.

For me the angels offer us the opportunity to have a helping hand whenever we need it. They have knowledge and understanding far beyond ours which when shared allows us to develop at a much greater rate, helping us to reach our potential and do the most good for others during our lifetime. They bring to us the love of God in its purest form so that we can experience it truly, reminding us of our own journey as a spirit and reconnecting us to all that exists here and beyond.

I have sometimes seen angels as colours. I can sometimes see things that flash into my mind when I am working, but generally my experience with angels is through energy and the feeling of it. It is a deep inner knowing that I am connecting with them and that they are bringing the guidance needed for whomever it is being sought.

I have been told by others who can see spirit that my face changes many times when I work. This is always reassuring for I know myself they are there, yet there is always that little small part of me that isn’t quite sure as I have not seen them. I am now confident that the angels are working with me. They are my guidance and I love them more each and every day.

I have been reading a book called Stairways to Heaven by Lorna Byrne which is fascinating. She clearly sees angels and has them helping her closely every day. She knows and sees a guardian angel with each person she meets and those around that she comes into contact with. The important thing for me is that we trust in their presence and have faith that they are there, loving us and guiding us. All you have to do is ask.

One of my friends doubted angels. She asked for a sign. She was given a white feather. She said that wasn’t enough and so later more white feathers appeared. Still she was skeptical and so she asked for more proof. Later that day she turned a corner and across the road and pathway there laid thousands of feathers where a lorry had shed its load. Coincidence – maybe. Proof – that was up to her – for after all everything in life is up to us. We have our own unique perception of life and understanding. How we interpret it and live our lives is our choice. I choose to live mine with angels, to work with them, to cherish their wisdom and to share it as much as I can.”

Thanks Sarah..wonderful..

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Many people know that angels exist as they work with them very successfully.


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