Spirit guides

As well as angels looking over us, and protecting us we are also said to have have spirit guides. These are entities from the spirit worlds, those that have chosen to look over us and help us in our Earthly incarnation. Their role is slightly different from that of the angels though, although some angels do seem to act as spirit guides.

Spirit guides are more aware of your life purpose, and will help you fulfill that if possible. They may come from different sources and have different roles to play. Sometimes they are with you your entire life, some guides may just appear for a short time to help with a particular problem or life phase. They may guide spiritually or guide you through physical life choices. They may appear in dreams, send messages or feed ideas into your mind. They sometimes appear as native Indians or gurus from the Eastern religions. Some people do manage to communicate with them directly. There is someone always available for advice or guidance, whether we are aware of them or not.

Who or what are they?

-They may be loved ones who have passed over. ( I often feel my late mother giving me advice!)

-They may be ancestors that you never met but are still looking out for you.

-They be friends that have passed before you.

– They may be spirit animal guides.(My husband feels his last dog, Brutus in always there for him.)

-They may be ascended masters.

-They may be archangels.

-Some feel they are getting advice from the fairie or elemental realm.

– Some people think that Interdimensional beings, or beings from planets other than Earth that we may have been incarnated on previously, also act as guides.

Whoever they are life would be much harder without them. I have been told that Metatron, Merlin and Mary( among others) are helping look after me!



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