Subjective reality 2

The interesting thing about subjective reality is that not only do we perceive our realities differently, due to the variation in our sense organs and the way our individual brains organize information, but that actually our consciousness may be affecting the matter that makes up our universe on an individual basis. Obviously generally we believe we are inhabiting the same universe as everyone else, probably that is true or we could not function.

Slight variations in individual realities are certainly possible though. The mechanism is quantum mechanics. This is the study of the small discrete particles of vibrating energy that make up the fundamental particles or which we, and all of creation is made. These are governed by laws which, unlike conventional physics, show an unpredictable, interlinked but random world.

There is a particular rule that applies here. That is : Individual sub-atomic particles have seemingly endless possibilities of form and position in time and space. Anything that is possible is happening somewhere, all of the time. At the moment of transformation between one state and another,they instantaneously take on every possible path. Each particle only settles on one, though, when observed or measured. The simple act of observing [changes in] what you see give us an input into creating our reality.

So, our reality is dependent on our observation of it and may be more individual than we think. Stunning !!!!!!

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