Reality Super Clues 2 – Why life?

red-question-markThe second of my, so called, super clues to the mysteries of our existence concerns that of the nature of life itself. One of the first set of questions that I asked myself when I started on my quest to try and piece together the nature of our reality, concerned who we were and how we got here. To try to understand things I began looking at creation theories.

  • There were those of faith(s) which generally stated that Earth and all the living beings and plants on it were created by a God or Gods or an intelligent designer of some sort.
  •  There were also those of science which described the creation of the universe and subsequently our planet Earth from the energies of the big bang. They then describe the supposedly random evolutionary process which, from single cell bacteria, seeded all the life forms animal and vegetable that inhabit the Earth today.
  •  There were also some wonderful and compelling alternative theories, including the view that we ourselves, from a higher plane, manifested everything from the power of thought.
  • The physical plane itself may be an holographic illusion, manifestation of a computer program.

Which of these is the correct one only time will tell. The super clue to the real nature of reality, however, lies in the question. Why life? Scientists do not know why a bunch of naturally occurring chemicals became living cells. They cannot, as yet anyway, replicate the process. The current mainstream belief is that it began randomly in the mineral rich primordial seas of Earth. There is also thoughts that it may have been seeded by bacteria from elsewhere, arriving on a comet or asteroid, even from Mars. Anyway, its very existence is a puzzle and an indicator of a much bigger picture of reality than we can currently understand. More than anything it shows that we do not know the whole story of the creation of us and our universe.  Our physical life may, of course, be just an illusion!

What do you think?


4 Responses to “Reality Super Clues 2 – Why life?”

  1. Lucie says:

    I love conversation s of this nature. I do subscribe to the scientific theory which starts with complex animo acids, compounding until mitochondrial and ribosomal bacteria-like organisms developed with probably a myriad of other simple organisms. One thing which happens most of the time when people visit this theory is they envision one straight line ot a simple tree branch of development. I dont look at it that way. We really can only see the most evidence from what had been successful so far or in the recent past. One example of this is how many people will use Chimpanzees as an example of a human evolutionary ancestor. That is so completely wrong. They are a modern species just like Homo Sapiens. They are evolving just as Humans are, but they are stairstepbto us, they are a separate species entirely. I also believe that energy is recycled. As life become more complex, so did consciousness. The energy of life passes on and on again and again. I do believe this concept is expressed in genetic memory. Love this and related topics.

    • Marian says:

      Thanks, interesting comment. Scientific theory is very compelling but they still do not know why or how the complex amino acids made that jump into life forms. This is the big black hole in science.
      Ps My book is now on kindle if you want to see all my arguments and structure.

  2. Lucie says:

    Many typos. They are not stair steps to us…. sorry little tiny key pad. Should have used my laptop.

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