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The Face on Mars

Went to a lecture last night on “The face on Mars “on the area of Mars known as  Cydonia. Massives (large hills(?)with shiny tops ,high albedo) nearby can be linked to show a regular geometric pattern which hardly seems natural. A member of the audience then contributed to tell us about his work on ancient sites in the UK, which had similar geometric angles and values. Could there be a link? The strange structures that look like buildings on the dark side of the moon, were also discussed. The question then was “Are these evidence of ancient alien civilizations?” There have been several books published on the phenomenon, and other strange structures on Mars. (more…)

Orbs and super clues

 In my last few posts I have discussed the phenomenon of orbs and asked what they were and why we don’t all see them. Last time I described the different types of orbs that seem to be interacting with us. (The reality of types of orbs) The interesting question is, though, what does this all mean for the truth about the nature of our reality?

What does this all mean?

The very existence of any of these  orbs, spirit, healing or alien, gives us possible super clues to the nature of our reality.

1- The possibility that departed souls can revisit our reality after passing from their physical bodies. That means that we do go on in some form after death and that there is a place or dimension to which we go.

2-Who is sending these healing or warning orbs? Are they inherent in the structure of the universe,part of the energy field that we exist in or are they being sent by its designer to help humanity?

3- If spirits, in orbs, are  floating around the greater cosmos, what does that say for the big picture? Do our souls float around before we decided to incarnate in a physical body? Where is the source?

4-Alien interaction with humanity has been long documented. Are these orbs nothing more than advanced energy vehicles? Are they being used as probes and viewing platforms? Are they away of traveling though other dimensions into our reality?

Well, as ever, more questions than answers….all we can say is that their existence is an another indication that our Earthly reality is part of a big picture of which we have no real understanding. Just glimpses, and these orbs certainly add to the mystery!

The reality of types of orbs

Different types of orbs

My initial researches show three different types of orbs, although some may come into more than one category.  The general consensus seems to be that they are generally, but not always, balls of spirit energy from the spiritual realm. For instance the green one, which I saw, is said to be healing or a comfort visit by someone in spirit.

1-Multi coloured ones.

These are said to  come to you when needed, often connected with healing or protection. Different coloured orbs seem to fulfill different purposes. As ever, there is always a slight disagreement or variation, between practitioners, as to what the various colours mean. But below is a generalized list.

 Colour and purpose of orbs

Blue (dark): Shy spirit. Blue (light): Tranquil, peace. Blue (medium): Protection. Brown: Danger or earthbound. Gold: Angelic, unconditional love. Yellow: caution, Green: Healing orb or spirit. Lavender: Messenger from God. Red ones offer protection and comfort. There may be more variations and colours out there which I have not come across. As mentioned last time, I did see green ones when I needed it.  I have seen a description of black or brown orbs, some times referred to as malevolent, sometimes said to warn you of danger..

2-Spirit orbs

Some orbs are thought to be ghosts or spirits coming to earth in the form of light, trying to communicate with the living human world once again (thank you Tracy Anne Morfitt) ). Some may be trying to communicate with loved ones. They are often, but not always, clear or white. It is said to be easier to comeback in orb form than to manifest in body. Larger orbs require more energy. Sometimes life forms, of some sort, are said to be visible inside them. There are many pictures on the internet of what look like human or human ish faces in these orbs.

Also, other life forms may just be passing through our reality in orb form. Streams of life forms orbs are often seen traveling in groups. The stream of orbs that C saw (the reality of orbs) may have come into this category. C did hear a chatter of communication between them.

3-Alien orbs

These are perhaps the most contentious and the most denied. The multi coloured ones, as per the illustration, are said to be alien orbs. There have been reports of them being seen around crop circles, been seen emerging from UFO’s, and even a suspicion that they are scouting out possible abductees. Denial by everyone in authority is, of course, the norm.

What does this mean?

The very existence of orbs hints at a more complex big picture than we have been taught exists.

Next time I will be explaining the super clues to reality their existence generates.





The reality of Communion

whitleyHave just re-read Whitley Striber’s book, Communion. First published in 1987, describing his interaction with, and abductions by, grey aliens. Although 30 years old, it still has important points to make. What I find most interesting is his doubts, even as the bizarre things, abductions  and aliens around his bed, are happening to him. He thinks he may be going mad or the experience may be coming from his subconscious mind.

He feels he interacts with 4 Grey species. The small common ones, which he believes may  have a hive mind. Certainly they sometimes appear to move as one. Some now believe these to be clones. The others, whilst looking vaguely human like, albeit slender, give him an insect like sense. All have these vast, dark eyes. One individual in particular that communicates with him and he has a sense of having always interacting with her, says she is very old. She reminds him of the goddess Ishtar.

Where do they come from? He gives a list of possibilities, some of which I have not considered before. These all indicate different aspects or truths about our reality.

Aspects of reality

They may have come

  • From another planet or planets
  • From Earth- but so different from us that we had not up until now understood that they were real.
  • From another aspect of space time or dimension.
  • From this dimension in space but not time
  • From within us- we are creating them with our minds.
  •  The phenomena may be just a side effect of natural phenomena..certain magnetic frequencies tripping a certain hallucinatory wire in the mind.
  •  They may be just another aspect of the human species.

There seems to be more general awareness of the phenomena lately, but in the field of official acknowledgement nothing seems to have changed. As he says, “If visitors are here they are orchestrating our awareness of them very carefully.”


Aliens and ancient aliens

alien abductionMy intention was always to look at modern alien interaction with our current reality, as part of my other beings in our reality thread. Almost as an afterthought I thought that I would look at ancient aliens before doing that. This topic has been puzzling but fascinating. It has, of course, led me into the realms of the real history of the world, lost technology and who or what we actually are. This is a topic I was saving for my next book, and one that needs substantially more research.

Some of the information I have acquired I will use for that purpose and it has not been a wasted exercise, as to understand what is happening now it is useful to have an insight into past interaction.

Aspects of reality

We have almost certainly been interfered or interacted with by alien races since the beginning of our time.

Our current reality may have been shaped by them.


Ancient Aliens-Vimanas- Flying machines of the ancients


Vedic and sanskrit literature of India abounds with descriptions of flying machines, called Vimanas. Mythical Gods are said to have travelled everywhere and ruled using these Vimanas. Battles are said to have been fought in the skys using these machines.

Some Vimanas are supposed to have resembled aircraft and fly with wings. Some were said to be not of this world, flew in a mysterious manner and were  thought not to have been made by human beings. There is also said to be descriptions of interdimensional space craft. Some were said described as being “fast as thought itself”.

Also we all grew up with the fairy tale concepts of the flying carpets of ancient Arabia. Could they have been a fact after all?

Was this ancient alien intervention? Or could it just have been that our ancient civilization was more advanced than we realize?  If that is the case, what happened to destroy it all?

More research needed!

Aspects of reality

The historical narrative of our civilisation that we have been taught is almost certainly not the whole story.

Aliens and alien technology are documented in many historical writings.



Ancient Aliens-The Dogon Legends

Sumerian fish godLast time I discussed that clues to alien visits and intervention can sometimes  be found in the myths and rituals of indigenous peoples.

I briefly mentioned the Dogon tribe and its connection with Sirius, and accurate ancient knowledge about that star system within its myths and rituals, that has just recently been validated by modern astronomy. I thought it was worth investigating more deeply.

Sirius and the Dogon

The Dogon are a remote tribe living in a region of Mali. They are thought to be of Egyptian decent and have astronomy legends in their culture which seem to date from before 3200 BC. In 1931 they were contacted by two French anthropologists who studied them for 30 years.

The anthropologists documented the tribe’s traditional mythology and beliefs. This included a body of ancient lore regarding Sirius (the dog star).

They knew that;

  • Sirius had a companion star that was invisible to the human eye, Po Tolo.
  • That this star moved in a 50 year orbit around Sirius.
  • This star was small incredibly heavy and that it rotated on its axis.
  • There is also a third star in the system, Emma ya, but this has not yet been identified by astronomers.

The facts are that Sirius B does exist  and it is a very heavy white dwarf, it does rotate on its own axis and it does have a 50 year ish elliptical orbit around Sirius B. How could a primitive tribe know all this? Sirius was not seen though a telescope until 1862 and not photographed until 1970. Artifacts found describing the star system are at least 400 years old. The nature of Sirius B was not known until 1926.

The Dogon relate that this information was given to them by the Nommos, amphibious beings sent to Earth from Sirius for the benefit of Mankind.nommos

Other ancient cultures mention these fish Gods.The Babylonian people called them Annedoti. From them, apparently, was learnt the basic teachings of how to organize civilization.

There are many other similar stories, alien intervention seems to have been with us right from the beginning.

Aspects of reality

Just another story of how we have been visited and interfered with, or helped, over the ages by “other worldly” beings.



More reality of ancient alien intervention

dogonBefore leaving my look at ancient alien intervention, I looked again at the works of Erich Von Daniken. He wrote “Chariots of the Gods?” and “According to the evidence”. These were written over 40 years ago but their arguments and evidence are still relevant today.

It is his contention that in historic, and early historic times, the Earth was visited by unknown beings from the Cosmos. These interventions were recorded and handed down in religions, myths and popular legends. There is evidence in writings, stonework and stories and rituals.  He gives an example of the Dogon tribe in Mali (shown) who seem to have knowledge of the movements of the star Sirius, shown in their writings, masks and rituals. Some of this information, especially about its companion star, Sirius B, was not known by astronomers until long after these rituals and writings were established.( See post the legend of the Dogon)

Von Daniken also contends that the aliens created human intelligence in our hominoid  ancestors by genetic manipulation. This is a current theory in some circles today, and ties in with the Annunaki narrarative.

Aspect of reality

Was humanity upgraded by genetic manipulation? Who did the upgrading?




The reality of alien intervention-fact or fiction

I watched a film, almost by accident. David Bowie in- The man that fell to Earth. It is now 40 years old but surprisingly deals with themes that are very current today.

An alien splashes down from nowhere in a lake in New Mexico. Strangely he speaks with a British accent and carries a British passport! Anyway he bring technical specifications which enable him to patent high tech gadgets and grow a multi million pound company. He then develops his own space programme so that he can transport water back to his drought stricken world.

The American government do not like this and decide to destroy him. They kill his managing director, destroy his companies, blow up his space rocket, and  after tests to prove that he is not human, he is reduced to an isolated alcoholic.  As a character says ” No way to treat a visitor” He replies, ” I expect we would do the same to you.”

I know this was just fiction but it really made me think. Is this actually happening today? Could some of our technology come from elsewhere ? Could it be happening with collusion of government? What do you think?

Aspects of reality

This is an interesting one, could it have happened in “real” life? Almost certainly I would say.


The reality of the Nazca lines

nasca1South America has a rich history both in ancient alien and current UFO experiences. As in ancient Egyptian and middle eastern cultures, there are clues to visitations left in the surviving thousands of years old stonework on the cities and temples.

The Nazca lines in Peru are often mentioned as proof of alien contact. There are massive and extensive geoglyphs, animal and geometric shapes and lines constructed on the desert floor by removing the top layer of soil and exposing the whitish rock below. Some are so big that they can only be properly seen from above ( in a space craft?). There is a particular one which is known as el astronorto, which does look like a man in a spacesuit.  Some do resemble runways and are built with an accuracy that seems unlikely without proper plans or birds eye view.  They are supposed to have been made by the primitive Nazca people, who apparently disappeared around 500 AD.

Funnily enough I watched two programmes about these lines this week. In one a group of scholars deduced that they were extensions of a Nazca temple complex and were used in rituals. Another stated that their very nature almost certainly meant that there had to be an other worldly hand( alien) in the construction of at least some of them. It was also pointed out that the extensive lines pointed east to the mega cities that were also abandoned around the time the Nazca vanished. Skulls found on these sites were large and elongated, almost not human at all.

Anyway, further research needed!

Aspects of reality

Clues to our ancient extra terrestrial visitors are there if people choose to believe them.