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Why change reality, and if we can should we?


I know that some people think that they can alter personal reality.They can manipulate events to achieve the outcome that they desire, either for themselves or other people. The interesting  question is then, how could they possibly do that? What mechanism makes this possible? Also, if it is possible should we be doing it in the first place.

Well, as far as I can see there are several methods.

These include using prayer, spells,  visualization or by intention. The next key question is, are they using the same mechanisms or are they doing something completely different?   For instance could they be using intervention by a higher power or using physics or some thing completely different?

Possible methods

– Are we using the forces available in the inherent structure of matter?

– Is a supreme being, or other outside force, interceding on our behalf?

-Or is it something completely different?

Before I look at more detail on the various ways people seek to manifest exactly what they want, I have to ask, a fundamental question. If we can, should we? I often compare our life on Earth to a sort of interactive video game. If we seek advantage this way, even with the best of intentions, are we disadvantaging others? Are we interfering with their free will? The answer depends, of course, on the fundamental nature of our reality itself, and what is believed about our purpose here.

Food for thought anyway. What do you think?