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Angels- conclusion

conventional angelComing now to the end my long thread on Angels. As ever it has expanded and expanded, as readers of my posts have commented and further insights have been generated. This post is titled conclusion, but until we are really enlightened we cannot really know the whole truth.

Angels seem to be spirit beings, of a finer vibration than us, that can sometimes show themselves to humanity in human form or the winged creatures, or beings of light that we expect them to be. The question is though, where do they come from? They do seem to be here to help humanity, apart from the dark Angels of course. Are they ;-

-Messengers from  a supreme being.

-Just another branch of evolution.

– Part of our collective consciousness  in generating our reality.

-Alien beings sent to help us

Or as some people believe, just figments of our imagination.

Aspects of reality

Angels are a class of beings that seem to inhabit our reality with us. What their true nature is, is another matter.

A slightly different view of the Reality of Angels

cosmic gridMy study of the existence  of Angels has given me many insights into their reality. What ever aspect I looked at, the presumption was that they were separate beings from us. For many people, though, this concept is not necessarily true.

For instance, Sarah works with Angels and Ascended Masters. She said “All that exists within our reality is part of one consciousness. All beings, no matter what their kind, are acting together as one to create a consciousness that creates experiences which increase the knowledge and growth of all.”

So in some ways the separation between us and them is an illusion. We are all part of one whole, all with our parts to play.

Aspects of reality

Angels may be generated by us all as part of our collective consciousness.


Ask your Angels

marianRecently I was beginning to find a certain situation in my life intolerable. Nothing too serious really …just a niggle, but I was fed up with it and was getting depressed. I put out a cry for help to the universe, my spirit guides and any listening Angels.

Something which should have been simple, but became unnecessarily difficult,  led my husband in actually having to go into our local bank branch which sorted it out straight away. In there he bumped into an old friend of ours who actually held the key into sorting out the niggle that was causing me so much stress.

So thank you universe, Angels or Spirit guides, whoever was listening ( and of course Jean). Things do work in mysterious ways sometimes. You just have to ask.

Aspects of reality

There is help there in the universe for all that ask.

How to detect Dark Angels

dark angel Some people believe  that not all Angels work for the forces of light. Dark angels, thrown out of heaven,  are said to roam the Earth seeking out souls and tempting them into evil.

If you can see them, they are supposed to look like ordinary every day Angels. Some times they do not show themselves but just communicate with you in your head.

The question is though, how can you tell if the beings you are communicating with are messengers from God or dark Angels trying to tempt you to the wrong path?

If you have protected yourself from evil before communicating there may not be a problem. They are said to be some simple giveaways  though.

  • Angels should not be worshiped, if they require worship or admiration they are not pure Angels.
  • If they offer to do something for you that is not in your best interests, or that may harm others, that is a bad sign.
  • If they offer you Earthly wealth or advancement beware..pure Angels would not do that.
  • Or as my FB Friend Jeanette said…pure love (or a pure heart) is the best protection against these beings.

So be aware.

Aspects of reality

If there are bad angels as well as good does that mean that good and evil actually exist as forces in our reality?


Dark Angels

dark angelIn some Christian circles there is a belief that not all Angels are forces of good doing God’s will. The story goes that 1/3 of Angels were thrown out of  paradise because they defied God and tried to take over Heaven. They followed Lucifer and roam the Earth trying to tempt souls into ruin and joining the forces of evil. Fallen Angels are said to encourage greed and the acquisition of material goods rather than spiritual treasures. They can even pretend to be Angels of the light to deceive and entrap us.

Is this likely? Well, belief in this does invoke the acceptance of  the concepts of good and evil. Many religions do believe in malevolent spirits who work against our best interests.

Aspects of reality

If dark angels exist does that mean that the biblical stories may be true.

Guardian Angels


CCE08052016_00000 - CopyThere is a Christian belief that we all have a guardian Angel. That is a personal Angel ( or Angels) that are always with us from  the moment of our conception.  Whether we know about  them or believe in them not, they are always there. They will protect, guide and advise you if you will let them.

The theory is that they will be by your side until your spirit passes over on the moment of your death. Some people do manage, by intuition, prayer or meditation to interact and communicate with their Angel. Just remember to be aware and say thank you for their continuing help.

Aspects of reality

If this is true, what is the real nature of these helpers. Is the religious narrative correct or are they some other sort of beings in our reality that have just chosen to help us?


Angel help

collective-consciousness It is always worth remembering that Angels are there to help us if asked. A bad bout of flu left me depressed. As I am not depressive by nature, and not used to it, I found this very difficult. I put out a cry to the universe to get beyond it. As I went downstairs, my husband was cooking my supper. He had on his DVD player something by Satie. In that music I heard Angel voices and the positive vibrational pattern of the music so resonated with me that in an instant I felt better.

So the universe moves in mysterious ways and help is always there if you ask. Thanks again Angels.

Aspects of reality

We do seem to be helped by other beings in our reality with us. Why that should be so is another matter.

Earth Angels?

moroni Are Angels always seen as spirit beings or winged creatures?  Not necessarily. There are many stories in our bible, or from people’s personal experience, about encounters with beings, not of this world, who seemingly take human form. They deliver messages or help someone in trouble and then disappear into thin air. Are these actually Angels, aliens or something else? Just angelic beings in human form ? Or what are referred to as Earth Angels.

What could Earth Angels be?  There are some different views on this.

Doreen Virtue says that Earth Angels are usually Spirit Guides in training, or Spirit Guides who have been sent back to Earth in order to learn or heal others.

The Mormon religion also has a view. It holds that there are two kinds of beings in heaven who are called Angels: those who are spirits and those who have bodies of flesh and bone. Angels who are spirits have not yet obtained a body of flesh and bone, or they are spirits who have once had a mortal body and are awaiting resurrection. Angels who have bodies of flesh and bone have  been resurrected from the dead. They serve God on Earth as his Angels but in human form.

Some people also believe that alien beings take human form to help humanity.

What ever the truth, I know that some people do believe themselves to be Earth Angels, angelic beings in human form and there are web sites and Facebook groups for these people.

Aspects of reality

Some people believe that angels may not always be higher vibrational beings but may be flesh and blood. They serve God in human form.



What Angels actually do

12903761_747682618664845_211643636_oBeautiful Angel picture painted by Jackie Yates.

Of all the different definitions and views on Angels, the one that resonates with me the best I found in the book, Ask your Angels by Daniel,Wyllie and Ramer.

They say that  angel is a generic name for the collective group of beings-citizens of inner space- whose responsibilities include the harmonious organization of the the inhabited universe. They may be the thoughts of God or the creation of the divine mother spirit.

“Angels are intelligent beings, capable of feelings, yet a different species, who have their existence on a slightly finer vibrational frequency from the one to which our physical senses are tuned.This means we cannot perceive them ordinarily with our eyes and ears, but they can perceive us. Our realities interpenetrate one another =with their reality encompassing and enfolding ours.”

The authors believe that it is possible to befriend and talk to your personal guardian Angels. This is not only for your personal good, but they can help us work towards personal and global transformation.

Aspects of reality

Angels are beings like us, but existing on a higher and finer vibrational frequency.

Angels in Islam

ghostsBefore moving on from my thread on Angels, I thought that I would look at what other faiths thought about them. Although we tend to think of Angels being part of Christianity and Judaism, in fact a belief in Angels is one of the 6 fundamentals of Islamic faith. there are many Angel stories in Islam. They are seen generally as we see them, beings of light or winged messengers. They are created by God, above man and above the other spirits that wander the Earth.

According to some research that I did on line, Muslims believe that angels record the deeds of men on earth, both good and bad. When a person’s spirit leaves the physical word, angels receive the soul on its journey to the afterlife. Each Muslim is said to have two guardian angels, one for the day and one for the night, who both watch over the person and record her deeds for final judgment.

Aspects of reality

Belief in angels is not just a factor of Christianity.  Islam also embraces them but looks at them slightly differently.