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The subject of ascended masters, part of other being in our reality with us, which I am now researching, is as with all reality subjects complex but universal. There are many slightly different points of view or variations. People often use different languages to describe the same thing.

My first question is, what is meant by ascension? I was brought up with the image of Jesus ascending, fully clothed, into heaven. We even had a day off school, Ascension day. I did not realise at the time, we were very narrowly brought up, that other masters from other cultures and religions, were also considered to have ascended. Before I continued my research my first question was what was the difference between ascension and “ordinary” passing over?

Ordinary mortals, like you and I, pass over at the point of physical death. We either believe we go back to a creator god, and our reward or punishment, or we pass through the astral plane and planes of existence, to re-join source before re-incarnating. Some still believe that we vanish into nothingness. I am sure there are other variations as well.

As I understand it ascension does not need physical death. It is a passing back up (or down), a voluntary moving on. Thus the image of a fully clothed Jesus moving upward. It is usually voluntarily leaving, or returning to, this plane for a purpose.

My next questions are, who are these ascended masters, what is their purpose, and what does their very existence indicate for the big picture of our reality?

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