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Happy Candlemas/Imbolc and Chinese New Year

With spring beginning to slowly emerge, the next few days are very interesting astrologically and magically. I always think that astrology is like a satnav in the heavens, built into our reality as a guidance system. Under the Chinese system, moon based, February 5th   this year is New Year. The Year of the Earth pig. Imbolc/Candlemas is the pagan celebration of the new life of spring, looking forward to the year ahead. What a wonderful combination!

Year of Earth pig

Despite common perceptions, a pig represents luck, overall good fortune, wealth, honesty, general prosperity. People born year of the pig tend to be hard working, a peace-loving person, a truthful, generous, indulgent, patient, reliable, trusting, sincere, giving, sociable person with a large sense of humour and understanding.

So despite what is going on in the world, it should hopefully be a good year. Earth pig year is a year that should be devoted to welfare of family, rest and reflection and of finishing projects. Unsurprisingly, earth years are connected with stability and the land. We will have to see!


 This is a pagan festival celebrating the stirring of new life, hope and rebirth. It is a time to let go of the past and look to the future. Another sort of New Year. It also honours Brigid the pagan goddess. Imbolc was absorbed into Christianity as Candlemas, Brigid, it is said became St Brigit.

So honour the Earth and nature, look forward to a hopefully more stable, prosperous, and peaceful year ahead.


Chinese astrology

Astrology is one of what I call  the great SATNAVS which seem either to have been put there to guide us by a designer of some sort, or just to be a factor of the mathematical construction of the universe.

Unlike western astrology, Chinese astrology is based on the cycles of the moon. It is another very rich and complex system.  Buddha is said to have called all the animals to him. Only 12 came. These were the rat, ox, tiger, cat/rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep/goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. Each was given a year to express its personality.  If you are born in a particular year you share the animal characteristics.

For instance, the Sheep year is one of peace, diplomacy and humanitarianism. The arts and love are both well devoured. Also the Rat and Ox both appreciate hard work. Rat at a project’s inception, and Ox as it goes through to completion. It may then be auspicious to start building projects in a Rat year and have Rats working for you at the beginning of a project.

So it is a matter of the year in general and your birth year animal in particular. Some years are thus more auspicious than others, depending on what you want to do that year.  As animals you may be compatible or incompatible with people that you interact with. Tigers can have problems with monkeys and be compatible with dogs and horses. Horoscopes can be very important for marriage and partnerships. They will often be looked at to see if the marriage will be auspicious.

As the lunar cycle does not fit exactly with the solar calendar, the Chinese new year begins on a different date in January or February each year.

For individuals then the significance lies on the interplay between their birth year animal and that of the particular year in question. Your own birth animal year should provide the best opportunities for you to flourish. Each month also relates to one of the symbolic animals. The variable calendar does make this harder to quantify though.

To complicate matters each year also has one of 5 elements associated with it. Wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Each element last for two years. First showing ying and then the yang, positive and negative characteristic of every element. For instance, fire is energy and excitement but can be dangerous. Each animal year then has an element attached which may alter its characteristics. A wooden sheep year may be different from a fire sheep year.

Chinese astrology is  differently based from western astrology, but just as complex and seems to be just as accurate. The skill of the practitioner is vital in proper interpretation.

Aspect of reality

As ever, I ask not does this work in practice, but why should it work? What does it say for the underlying structure of the universe that it exists at all?

How could it all work- Astrology

AstrologyA couple of weeks ago I asked how people thought that Astrology actually worked. Well, as ever, the  universe seem to give me the answer to the question as soon as I asked it.

I was very lucky to receive a wonderful book for my birthday We’Moon 2016. Reading the introduction, things were put into words that I had long instinctively understood, but not articulated.

Sandra Pastorius,the author, asked, Is Astrology another Quantum Quandary?.

” Astrology and Quantum physics challenge the sciences. They both pose perplexing quandaries about how interactions between things can occur without apparent cause and effect, and about the vital role that human attention plays in the emergence of phenomena into reality.”

One of the laws of  Quantum physics law shows that we are  all fundamentally interconnected.

Also as Sandra said, ” Astrology evolved with the recognition that living things respond consciously to the pulse of celestial rhythms”

Not the whole of the answer then..but the beginnings of an insight into how things actually work!

Aspects of reality

Is astrology a satnav put their by an intelligent designer of some sort to help us with life’s decisions?

Or is just fundamental to the energetic construction of the universe?


The reality of astrology

AstrologyHappy New Year to you all. My gut instinct is that it will be an interesting one, but I will leave any predictions to the very clever astrologers out there!

The interesting thing to me is, not if, but why does astrology work? Well the answer, of course, depends on the true nature of our reality.

Aspects of reality

Is it a sat nav system put there by an intelligent designer or God of some sort, to help humanity? Is it just a function of the mathematics encoded in the construction of the universe? Or are the patterns it reveals just chance?



Astrology and Karma?

AstrologyWouldn’t you know it! Having decided to finish my Karma thread and move on to re-incarnation, someone made a comment that opened up a whole new area of thought on the subject.

Aqua man (mike) on G+ thanked me for my last post and mentioned that he had got into Karma via astrology. I then ask him how.

He said “Saturn in the natal chart is the main significator of karma. If it forms a difficult aspect, especially to the personal planets, this shows difficult karma incurred from bad living, usually from previous life. Saturn was known in western astrology as a malefic planet.It is known to cause delays,frustrations, burdens, suffering.Wherever it is placed in the birthchart difficulties occur.  7th house; personal relationships, 10th; career. etc,etc. No one has a perfect life and Saturn shows the sphere of life where difficulty lies. If well aspected, these difficulties are understood and accepted, and life gives the person tools to deal with negative circumstances, if badly aspected, life will not and the person will find the same themes repeating in their life. This is only a summary”.


Aspects of reality

-Astrology can indicate the Karma from past lives.

2-If this is true then the assumption is that we have lived many lives.

2- It also indicates a universal balance which Karma helps to maintain.

karma 2


Astrological wisdom

AstrologyAs a December 31st baby I always think of every New Year as a new beginning. Like many others I cannot resist looking at the astrological predictions for my “star sign” Capricorn. Generalized predictions are always a bit unsatisfactory as the true picture does depend on other factors such as actual time of birth as well as date, after all our lives are as individuals and not just one of 12! I always think that astrology is not meant to be an absolute predictive mechanism, but more a satnav warning you about hazards and  showing you the best routes through the year.


The moon and astrology


In my moon sequence of posts I am looking at all aspects of how the moon affects out lives. Last week I looked at moon science. This week I am asking why the moon should affect our lives Astrologically. Future posts will look at the moon as a Goddess and moon magic.

Astrology and the moon. One of the interesting ways that the moon is supposed to affect humanity is in its use in astrology.

Western astrology uses the position of the sun, planets and other heavenly bodies at the time and date of your birth, to predict your characteristics and give you a star sign.(eg Taurus, Capricorn etc) In general terms, readings of the heavens on a daily basis for that sign can then be used to give on going guidance. Astrologically, the moon is said to show the characteristics of your subconscious mind and some say soul or spirit. It is also much concerned with emotions.

Chinese astrology is, of course, based on the cycles of the moon.

Both systems are not, as I once believed, to predict any fixed future, but seem to be set up – like a satellite navigation systems- to show us the way though life and point out any potential hazards or best paths in our lives.

Why should these systems work?

At base we are nothing but beings made of atoms in combination. We are held together by the energies generated by these atoms. We are energy beings living in a world of energies, gravitational, electromagnetic and biochemical, to name just a few. We live in an energy matrix. On one level, our thoughts are nothing more than biochemical energy. The moon is the nearest heavenly body to us. Its gravitational energies are very strong. It is entirely logical that those energies will affect us. Astrology can be seen as a way of quantifying this effect.

 The whole story?

Could the moon affect our lives in this way? Energetically, for reasons stated above, it must have a effect on us all. Could this effect be quantified into the astrological systems? Or does the existence of astrology itself seem to hint at a bigger picture of reality?

Aspects of reality

  • An intelligent designer of some sort created the system of sun or moon based astrology to help humanity.

  • The quantified astrological effects just reflect the underlying physics or mathematical codes embedded in the creation of the universe either at random or by deliberate design.








The reality of Astrology and racing drivers

  Astrology and racing drivers

A couple of weeks ago we were at the Spanish Grands Prix in Barcelona. Between support races  I casually  looked at the drivers info in the programme, and I noticed patterns in their dates of birth.

For instance, with 22 drivers on the grid, 4 were born in January, 5 in April and 6 in August. These rest were just singles, with 2 in July. There was no May, September, November or December birthdays. I promised myself that when I was back at my desk that I would investigte further, and see if there was a patten in their astrological signs. Which signs made the best racing drivers?


The reality of predictive mechanisms – Jonathon Cainer

When ever I am looking at the predictive skill and arts, I always come back to the most difficult question. Not do they work, because I have evidence that they do. But why should they work? What sort of reality, what mechanism built into this reality, would allow this to happen?


The reality of astrology in practice

What ever theories us lay people have that might explain how astrology actually works, I thought it worthwhile asking a very good astrologer that I know what her take on the whole thing was.

Karen is a very talented professional astrologer. She believes that astrology is a function of the interconnectedness of all things in the universe. Because the sun and moon and planets are the nearest heavenly bodies, they actually affect our lives. The energies they help to create at the moment of our birth affect our character and possible future. She even goes as far as stating that some souls actually choose their date of birth ( or conception) to enable them to choose the most useful energies to fulfill their life purpose. She also stated, most interestingly, that although our future seems written in these stars, of course we do have free will. We do not have to take any notice.

This is fascinating stuff. It was Karen that did my birth chart and that of my husband. She identified that although we were born three months and 5,000 miles apart our birth charts were almost identical. This did explain why from the moment we met, although from totally different back ground and experience, we understood each other totally.

For more information about astrology in practice and Karen herself  check out

Aspects of reality

Timing of birth and it’s energies affects your character and life. It can also help you understand yourself and others. Why should this be so? Is it a factor inherent in the make up of the universe or was it put there by a designer of some sort?