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A slightly different view of the Reality of Angels

cosmic gridMy study of the existence  of Angels has given me many insights into their reality. What ever aspect I looked at, the presumption was that they were separate beings from us. For many people, though, this concept is not necessarily true.

For instance, Sarah works with Angels and Ascended Masters. She said “All that exists within our reality is part of one consciousness. All beings, no matter what their kind, are acting together as one to create a consciousness that creates experiences which increase the knowledge and growth of all.”

So in some ways the separation between us and them is an illusion. We are all part of one whole, all with our parts to play.

Aspects of reality

Angels may be generated by us all as part of our collective consciousness.


Collective Consciousness

red-question-markLast week, in what was to be my final final post about human consciousness, I explained about the Global Brain Project. This involves all individual consciousness, that we as humans have, linking together at certain time every week, in a meditative state, to positively alter things on a global scale.

Some people believe that another of looking at this is that we are feeding into, and upgrading, the human collective consciousness. (more…)