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The reality of what we cannot see

What is the true nature of the  universe in which we live? As we all try to make sense of the physical universe that is around us, we are limited by what we can actually see, or detect with instruments. We are also limited by what our brains and eyes are able to decode.

If you remember from previous posts, astronomers are looking further and further out in space with stronger and stronger optical and radio telescopes. They are trying to map the whole universe in 3d. That is, they are mapping what we can actually detect and see of our universe. (more…)

Is our reality part of a gigantic universal code?

There is a  theory that the universe is nothing more than a vast integrated mathematical construct. There are, as ever, many variations on this topic.  But generally the theory holds that nothing is random in the universe. It can be perceived as nothing more than a gigantic interlocking mathematical model. All of creation, and our Earth in particular, are governed by mathematical rules. This can be referred to as the code. (more…)

The reality of what science does not know- anti matter

Apologies for revisiting cosmology (the creation and structure of the universe) again. I do find it the most fascinating of all the scientific topics that I have looked at, in my search for clues to the true nature of reality. The great unknowns seem to go on and on. There are so many brilliant brains looking at this topic, and such a lot of interesting, if sometimes contradictory, answers. It is a wonder us mere mortals can make sense of it at all.


For instance, along with the mysteries of the 95% of the universe that we cannot see, but think is there,    ( See post, The reality of what science does not know-dark flow and dark matter), there is another great puzzle. We are used to the atoms, that all of the universe is made from, being structured with a positively charged nucleus and negatively charged electrons circling. This is called matter. There are also atoms that are theoretically  structured with a negatively charged nucleus and positively charged electrons circling. This is called antimatter.


It is known that if antimatter and matter meet, they cancel each other out instantly. Both are annihilated. It is believed that at around  the moment of the big bang of creation, both antimatter and matter came into existence, in exactly the same amount. The question is then, if they were both produced in equal quantities, why do we exist at all?

There must have been enough excess matter to have started off the known universe, because here we are. Anti matter is not just a theory, I am told it can be produced in laboratory conditions. Keeping it stable is another matter, of course.

Aspects of Reality

The more I look at these fascinating scientific facts or theories surrounding the creation of the universe, and the physical matter within it, the more uncertain and complex the true nature of reality on this level seems to be. 95% of our known universe is dark. How has the 5% we can see, or detect, have survived annihilation by anti matter? Are they sure it was around at the big bang? Is there a sensible scientific theory explaining how the needed inbalance between matter and anti matter came about? Could it have been because of a deliberate intervention from a creative force? Could there even be an antimatter universe somewhere unseen and undetected by us? What do you think?





Fifth aspect of reality- The scientific universe

Many people interested in esoteric matters presume that  science will tend to be hostile to such topics. The truth is, when looking at aspects of reality, high science  gives us many useful clues. (more…)