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Magic as an evolutionary tool?

Recently I found  an article proposing not religious belief, but magic as an evolutionary tool. (more…)

Are we still evolving?

When looking at the aspects of reality that concern our origins, in particular  the  evolution versus intelligent design debate, the question has to be asked, are we still evolving? Have we stopped, are we in our final form, or are we still changing? If we are still changing, this may give credence to the theory of   humanity being a mere product of evolutionary forces. (more…)

The theory of evolution

Of all the aspects of reality, the reality of the beginnings and development of life is perhaps the most intriguing of all. Wherever life came from, it began at a very primitive level. What happened then? As before mentioned, the theory is that all complex life evolved from the primitive one cell creatures that first inhabited the earth. It progressed as a result of a long process called evolution by natural selection. Charles Darwin published his book “ On the Origin of Species” in 1859 . This set out what he saw as the natural evolutionary process. (more…)

Reality-evolution vesus creationism

When looking at aspects of reality, where everything in the universe actually came from is a vital question. The origins of man, whether we arrived here as a result of evolutionary forces or were designed by some sort of God or designer, is a source of fierce contention in some circles. Given that the scientific evidence is building that we, and all around us, may actually in fact be nothing more than holograms, it may seem a less relevant question than it was. In our search for aspects of reality it is worth just looking at though. The debate always was, was the earth and all on it created by a designer, in particular our God, or is the universe, and life just a random accident. Is there a case for old fashioned creationism? (more…)