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More Unanswerable questions

question marksA long post thread which began with the science of the multiverse, through the concepts of Good and Evil and into questioning what we have been told about the very origin of our creation has come to an end. As ever, in looking at the complex web of our reality there are always more questions than can be comfortably or correctly answered. All we can do as mere limited humans is to look at the possibilities that come before us.

Comments and interactions that I received both on the web site posts (Does evil exist? 1 &2 ) and via my book Aspects of Reality- a users guide to the universe’s  Facebook page, often threw doubt on the actual existence of Evil. In many circles it is considered an illusion, or manifested by ourselves. Those steeped in religion though, saw it as an actual force. So, as ever, the truth of things is still up for debate. Perhaps we are not supposed to know. But anyway  a character that I had not heard of before was brought to my attention. That was Abrasax, the solar God. ( last weeks post Does Evil exist?- 2 was illustrated by a wonderful Jeremy Lampkin painting  of Abrasax…see the post for links to his other work) He is supposed to represent both light and dark, good and evil. The latter being an illusion. Abrasax is reputed to be the originator from which our God was himself created, an over God really. If he actually exists then the religion we have been brought up to believe in is only part of the creation story.  I had intended to do a whole post on him, but information proved to be patchy and contradictory.  He, and other alternative creation structure theories though, will be a whole chapter in my new book (Further Aspects of Reality).

So, as ever all I can do is ask the questions and explore the possibilities. As I have said before, as limited human beings we are probably not capable to knowing or understanding the big picture of our reality, whatever clues we have. The truth about the real nature of our reality is as elusive as ever.

Keep asking those questions though!









Does Evil actually exist-2?

jlamkinAsking my readers questions about their views on the nature of evil, I got some surprising responses. There are those who believe that it does not exist as a force, but is man made. Similarly, there are also those who believe that as we manifest our own reality, evil acts are our own creation. Another strand think that, on a higher level, the concepts of good and evil are irrelevant.

For example;

LC said-Evil is negativity to the point of extreme malice. I don’t think of it as a force, but as a will or drive which will not be ignored

JL said-What we believe in, exists. But then good and evil are for children and dogs.

LT said- no devil, just the bad human selfish genes.

DR said- In the Gita there is a scene where Arjuna is on his chariot with Lord Krishna. They are looking down on the battlefield where the troops are massed and Arjuna is lamenting the fact that he is about to go into battle with his kinfolk. Lord Krishna says that Arjuna is ‘making a mistake of the intellect’ for the kinfolk massed on the field below are merely souls progressing along the path to Enlightenment and are only superficially related to Arjuna. Intellect is the downfall of those who wish go with the natural flow. It is intellect that intrudes in the process of the thinking heart and it is intellect that leads us to make something that is very simple incredibly elaborate. Defining good and evil are also mistakes of the intellect. The heart tells us what is right and what is wrong.

So, just a snap shot of many different ideas questioning the conventional view of evil that I had been brought up to understand. Even more interesting though, on my journey through this subject, layers of creation/reality that I had not encountered before came to my attention.

Hence this interesting picture illustrating my post. It was just painted by the wonderful artist Jeremy Lampkin. It is called Reining Fire, and depicts Abrasax. He is a solar God who represents both light and dark, good and evil. He is supposed to be the originator from which our God’s stem. Abrasax would be the god of understanding total reality, a higher state of consciousness where dichotomies such as good and evil are fictional, and only perceived as different realities by Jehovah’s children. (Jehovah, the OT God, is the creator of the physical, material world, including humanity.) Next week I will look at him more closely.


To see more of Jeremy’s work click on

Does Evil actually exist?

good and evilFunny how things just evolve. After reading a headline in New Scientist in October, I began a post thread starting 8th October, ( Science, Reality and multiverses).  To my surprise it has led on to a discussion about the nature of good and evil, and what that means for our reality.

To re-cap, if the multiverse theory was true that would mean that there is multiple, or even infinite, versions of ourselves doing every combination of actions possible in multiple realities. The question was then asked, if that is the case where does that leave the concepts of good and evil? The next question then was, “Is evil a force, or just a set of bad decisions?”

To answer this you must first define what we mean by evil. This, as ever is the problem. We all feel that we know evil when we see it, but, as with good, pinning it down is more difficult. My dictionary defines this as “profoundly immoral and malevolent.” Other definitions refer to bad character, working against the greater good etc.  Sometimes just an intense selfishness can result in seemingly evil acts, as other people’s welfare’s are disregarded when seeking your own ends. Malevolence, though, does indicate a desire to injure others for pleasure by your actions. Is this just a fault of random genes or bad upbringing? Or could there actually be a force seeking to tempt people in this way?

Obviously, the answer to this is much influenced by a person’s individual beliefs and their definition of evil. In my culture we were brought up to believe that we were created by a “good” God and that evil existed as a force which was in conflict with good, and was to be fought against at all cost. Failure resulted in damnation.

True or not, this seemed to go out of favour somewhat. I have also come across the probably more credible theory that if evil does exist as a force, it was created by our creator God purposely to give us something to test ourselves against.Others feel that both our good and evil were created by an even higher power, way beyond our understanding. The jury seems to be out on the existence of an actual perpetrator to evil, the devil. Although those that actually worship the devil would probably not agree with that.

I personally have seen, or been on the wrong end of intense selfishness, but luckily not come across the malevolent evil. I have been given, though, some wonderful insights into the nature of evil, which I will share with you next week.

Please keep the comments and opinions coming.








What do we mean by good?

purple-question-markGood and evil are terms that we  freely use in one context or another all the time. We think that we know what they mean, but actually both are harder to define or pin down than you may think. This is particularly true of good. There are many meanings to the word good. Many involve words such as morality or righteousness which themselves are concepts hard to pin down. They are also subjective and man made. Of benefit or advantage to someone or something , is another definition. Doing no harm to anyone is also “good”. Perfection, whatever that is, is “good”. A good idea is worth pursuing. The concept of good as a force, though, is something sometimes that we understand instinctively without having the words to describe what it actually means. All that can perhaps be pinned down is the concept of not letting pursuing your own interests harm others. Doing the right thing by all you come in contact with is also good, but what if then it happens that this disadvantages or harms people that you do not even know exist? Are these actions then evil?  The more you look at it the more  difficult and complex it becomes to define. So, is good unselfishness, or a force, a set of God given instructions, a counterbalance to evil,  or just a way we have evolved enabling us live our lives with least harm to those around us? What do you think? Marian

A question of good and evil

Funny how questions naturally evolve. My last two posts on  science, reality and multiverses  were triggered by a headline that caught my eye in a copy of New Scientist. I explained that 0ne multiverse (multiple universes ) theory, taken seriously in some scientific circles, dealt with the idea that all possibilities may exist at once. There may be multiple copies of us doing every combination of actions possible. Then where, did New Scientist ask, does that leave the concepts of good and evil?

This post triggered a question by one of my regular followers. She asked,” Is there somewhere that only evil happens?”    I answered, “No, but if all possible actions are lived by every individual, some will be considered good and some evil.Those committing evil in one set of decisions may actually have an alternative set/life which may be good. So, is evil a force or just a set of bad decisions?”

This I think is the key question, next week I will be exploring it. So watch this space!



Science, reality, multiverses -2

Multiverse1Last week, triggered by a New Scientist headline, I discussed the concept of multiverses. Put simply, that is an infinite number of alternative universes existing simultaneously but unseen alongside ours. I highlighted the further theory, taken seriously in some scientific circles, that there may also be multiple copies of each of us also. For every decision that we make we split. One copy of us doing action (a) and the other doing action (b), for instance. This itself raises interesting questions about whether we are conscious in just one or all realities, or even whether we can jump from reality to reality thus creating our own path through. All unanswerable questions of course ( although people are working on it ).

Aspects of reality

If all possible variations of our life decisions are there, and we are living all of them simultaneously, then where does that leave the concepts of good and evil?






Perceptions on good and evil

magiceyeLast week I spoke about our perceptions of our physical world and how they may influence our reality. This week my intention was to look how perceptions may influence our conduct in the world. Funnily enough, as I was writing my blog I found a relevant cutting that I had saved from the Daily Mail recently. Someone had asked Jonathon Cainer, the astrologer, if good will eventually overcome evil. To my surprise he intimated that evil was perhaps a matter of perception not an absolute. He said that many evil doers to not see what they are doing as evil, and indeed may even see some of your good actions as evil. He looked forward to the time when people are wise enough not to make such cut and dried distinctions. I must admit that I had not thought of things that way.

Looking in depth at the concept of evil is something I have actually avoided. I touched on it when writing ( Aspects of Reality- a user’s guide to the universe). It is was my intention to look at it more closely in research for my next book ( Further Aspects of Reality). It may be, though, a real super clue to the big picture of our reality. Is there actually an evil entity as per our Christian tradition?

Or, as Jonathon states, is it just a matter of perception?

Something to research and think about more deeply anyway.

What do you think?



Aspects of reality- genes and evil

Looking around me, I often wonder how and why people behave a certain way. I also ask myself, what could variations in individual behaviour have to do with the bigger mysteries inherent in everything around us? How could the extremes of human behaviour, particularly evil, give us any clues to the overall  aspects of reality? That is, the mystery of who made us, and what we actually are. (more…)

The reality of creation-good and evil

When we look for the truth of the aspects of reality in our lives, we do have to consider whether it is possibility that the conventional Christian God could actually exist. We do live, after all, in a multidimensional universe, anything may be possible. Bound up with the belief in the existence of our God, there are the concepts of good and evil. If good and evil can be shown to exist, then that may indicate that the concept of a traditional supreme being itself cannot be so easily dismissed. The problem of course is in the human definition of these concepts. (more…)