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Are we being controlled- the eternal battle

alien good versus evilMy many discussions with the people that have been investigating the concept of alien contact and intervention has  thrown up several disturbing concepts which need further investigation.

1- That humanity was genetically altered by aliens for its own purposes at the beginning of our time.

2-That humanity is and always has been controlled, covertly, by our alien masters in disguise or by their representatives. We are actually not as free as we think we are.

3-That there are alien races that are working in our best interests and they are trying to help humanity counter those that are not.

4- We may actually be a virtual reality programme, and either side may have hacked in to the others game.

All very disturbing concepts- don’t you think.

Aspects of reality

1- That we may being controlled by aliens who do not have our best interests at heart.

2-That we may being monitored by aliens  who are here to help us.

3-That we may be just virtual reality anyway.

4- It may be a case of the eternal good versus evil scenario.